$10 – $25

Chi You Clone MOD (Gold/Chrome Plated) $19.61-21.60


Two new styles of the Chi You Clone have hit the FT site. The Gold plated & 2 Toned chrome plated version. These don’t look like the “laser etched” version that I received and can’t seem to put down. These seems to have a delrin spacer on the bottom and …

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Protank BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer) Tank $11.95


With the recent release of the Protank 2… the prices of the OG Protank BCC are dropping like flys. Only time can tell how low they can go before stock drys up. But as for now… VaperCompany looks like the lowest. They just placed there stock of the Protank BCC …

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Kanger Unitank BBC PRE-SALE $18.85


First came the Protank. Then the Protank Mini, Protank 2 & Protank 2 Mini followed in quick fashion. Seriously, didn’t the Protank 2 just release a few days ago? Well, that doesn’t stop Kanger from innovating. Up next… the Kanger Unitank. Think of it as a top filling Protank BCC …

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Trippy Tips Glass Blown Drip Tips $19.99 & Up


Drip tips have kinda become my obsession. I don’t know why but there’s just something quite satisfying about topping off your favorite MOD/Atomizer combo with an awesome drip tip. Enter Trippy Tips! These drip tips have to be included in the conversation when talking about different sizes, colors & shapes. …

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Raven Nest DCT Cartomizer Tank $13.95


When we first posted about the Raven Nest DCT cartomizer tank a few months ago… it sold out with the quickness. Then… we didn’t hear much about it again. Until now that it. While it now costs a few dollars more this time around… there are 2 new colors! The …

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Odysseus RBA Clone (Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.68


How low can these go? Seriously… the #clonewars has driven down the prices on almost everything e-cig related except for juices. When we first posted the Odysseus RBA clone… they went for a little more than $16 and that was a steal. Especially considering that it came with spare parts …

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IGO-F Rebuildable Atomizer Tank $14.95


Here is a kinda awesome price on the IGO-F rebuildable atomizer tank. I remember when these first released… they were going for $25-30. Currently… they still go for around $20ish. With that in mind… vaperco is hooking the GOTSMOK.COM community up. They just placed the IGO-F rebuildable atomizer tank on …

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14500 Bagua Mechanical Clone $19.58


Want a light stealthy mechanical vape? Try a 14500 MOD. Problem is… there isn’t many of them available at the moment. And the ones that you do find cost an arm and leg. Until now. Here’s a source for the 14500 Bagua mechanical clone for just $19.58 + FREE SHIPPING! …

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