$50 – $100

Tree Of Life MOD Clone By Infinite $65.99


The Tree Of Life MOD clone by infinite has just hit the market. Who is the first vendor to get them in stock? AveTradingCo on Ebay. They just put them up for $65.99 with FREE SHIPPING included. To be completely honest, if you wait about a month… you can probably …

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Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD $77.39


This is definitely a MOD you don’t need. But, it is probably one that would be fun to use. =) VaporBeast just stocked the Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD. LOL… that’s right… a Bluetooth Ecig MOD! Why does the Vshare need Bluetooth connectivity? So you can answer incoming calls or listen …

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E-LVT Variable Voltage/Wattage APV MOD $59.45


The E-LVT variable voltage/wattage APV (advanced personal vaporizer) MOD my not be for everyone. But, there’s nothing wrong with having options right? =) I’m thinking that the E-LVT would be a good APV for those who need/want a MOD that’s a little more rugged. That’s because it’s not only a …

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E-HUGH 26650 Variable Voltage / Wattage APV $63.22


What do you get when you cross a VAMO with an iTaste 134 and upsize it to accept a 26650 battery? An E-HUGH of course! =) Fasttech just placed these in stock and I gotta say… it’s definitely one bad ass MOD. =) Wattage can be adjustable from 3.0W to …

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Hcigar Copper Nemesis Clone (USA Vendor) $41.88


Trying to find the Hcigar Copper Nemesis in stock and ready to ship from a USA vendor is like trying to get a piece of cake away from a fat kid. Almost impossible! With that said, it looks like EmpireVapes has a few in stock on eBay. I mean seriously, …

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Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone By EHPro $51.99


If you were thinking about copping the Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone but didn’t because you wanted a more accurate higher quality clone. Or, you don’t wanna buy from overseas and would rather cop from a USA vendor, here’s your chance. It looks like 101vape just placed the EHPro Valkyrie Hybrid …

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Sigelei 20w Variable Voltage/Wattage APV $83.77


You know it was gonna happen sooner or later. It looks like FastTech just placed the Sigelei 20w in stock and ready to order. They have the MOD by itself for just $83.77. And, they also have a starter kit option available for $99.63. Pretty nice prices considering that they …

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Origin Aqua Clone Combo Kit $54.99


If you haven’t copped an Origin or Aqua clone yet… have I got a deal for you. 101vape just placed an Origin Aqua clone combo kit in stock and ready to ship. And, it costs just $54.99 for both of them. Which basically means that if you buy the Origin …

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