$50 – $100

Nimbus v3 RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $54.00


While I am a die hard member of #teamcheapmod… sometimes you gotta spoil yourself and pay the extra money to get an original. Especially when there’s a discount to be had. =) Case in point. If your into rebuildables and drippers… you have heard the name Nimbus. The Nimbus v3 …

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Youde UDT V10 Mechanical MOD $64.95


Here’s something new for you to sink your teeth in. Introducing the Youde UDT V10 mechanical MOD. Coming from the same makers of the AGA-T2, IGO-L & IGO-W so you know the quality is top notch for the price. The Youde UDT V10 features a stainless steel body, copper (says copper but …

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Kamry K300 MOD (IN STOCK & READY 2 SHIP) $67.45


The Kamry K300 MOD is the newest mechanical to hit the scene. And, not without it’s fair share of hype & hate right from the jump.The hype? For those of you who don’t know, the Kamry K300 MOD is a clone of the Jugganaut hybrid. And, in terms of a …

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The Russian Atomizer (Kayfun Clone) IN STOCK $103.45


The Russian Atomizer caused a lot of uproar when it was released. Especially the 91% version. And, all the talk made this one hard atomizer to purchase. Up until now. Quantum just placed a limited amount of the Russian atomizer in stock. And, use the coupon code “gotsmok10” at checkout …

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Lavatube v2.5 APV (Variable Voltage / Wattage) $71.99


I was wondering why Volcano was blowing out there stock on the Lavatube 2. Well, we got our answer today. Volcano just released the Lavatube v2.5 APV (advanced personal vaporizer). What’s the difference? It looks like the biggest difference is that it now supports variable voltage and wattage. Welcome to …

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EHPRO DHX028 Nzonic v3 Clone Pre Order $56.00


There’s been a lot of talk going on about the new EHPRO DHX028. AKA… the Nzonic v3 clone. And, for good reason. This looks like the closest clone of the original MOD. The only problem is that not much information is known about the EHPRO DHX028 yet. I for one …

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Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit $50.10


I just saw that VaperCompany updated there sale page to include the Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit. And there current coupon code stacks on the discount. So, right now… the Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit is priced at a cool $50.10. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED! This is $10 more than the …

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Vicious Ant Cyclone With Air Flow Controller $99.70


This is definitely not a #teamcheapmod deal. But hey… we can’t always be posting clone deals now can we. =) Every now and then we can find deals on the high end vape gear. Case in point, here’s a deal on the Vicious Ant Cyclone with AFC (Air Flow Controller). …

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