$50 – $100

14500 Nemesis Clone (Two Tone & Copper) $55-65.00


With all the 26650 MODs being release lately, it’s nice to see that bigger isn’t always better. Enter the 14500 Nemesis Clone. See what I did there? =) Anyways, apparently this clone is gonna hit the streets soon and pre-sales have been springing up. I have linked two from eBay. …

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Hcigar Windrose MOD Clone $59.99


Another UNICORN¬†bites the dust. I just got a tip that the Hcigar Windrose MOD clone has just hit the Bay. It is a PRE-SALE but the scheduled delivery date was yesterday so the wait shouldn’t be too long. =) Now… tfom the looks of it, this Hcigar Windrose includes the …

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Stingray MOD Copper/Red Clone $51.99


Maybe I should have posted this yesterday… being the unofficial Stingray MOD day and all. =) With that said… it looks like CodeVape has started one of the first pre-sales for the Copper/Red Stingray MOD clone. And being one of the first pre-sales… that means the people in it will …

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26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD Clone $34.50


Dang, I just noticed that today is unofficially the Stingray MOD clone day. =) Staying with the theme, I just found the 26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD clone in stock and ready to ship over at fairy-gift. And, get this, they priced it at just $34.50! Not a bad deal at …

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Anyvape Anymod Express Kit $53.99


Here’s something new. VaporDNA just stocked the Anyvape Anymod Express Kit. And, if you use the coupon code “DNA10” you can save 10% off their price. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING. Plus, you get a FREE bottle of MP E-liquid with your purchase! The Anyvape Anymod is a variable voltage, …

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Cryptex Atomizer by JPGE $79.99

Take the Omega RDA and kick it up a notch, what would you get? The Cryptex Atomizer of course. =) The Cryptex Atomizer is made by JPGE. Which is the same maker of the popular Nimbus RDA. So, you know the quality is going to be top notch. And from …

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Tree Of Life MOD Clone By Infinite $65.99


The Tree Of Life MOD clone by infinite has just hit the market. Who is the first vendor to get them in stock? AveTradingCo on Ebay. They just put them up for $65.99 with FREE SHIPPING included. To be completely honest, if you wait about a month… you can probably …

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Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD $77.39


This is definitely a MOD you don’t need. But, it is probably one that would be fun to use. =) VaporBeast just stocked the Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD. LOL… that’s right… a Bluetooth Ecig MOD! Why does the Vshare need Bluetooth connectivity? So you can answer incoming calls or listen …

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