$50 – $100

Lavatube v2.5 APV (Variable Voltage / Wattage) $71.99


I was wondering why Volcano was blowing out there stock on the Lavatube 2. Well, we got our answer today. Volcano just released the Lavatube v2.5 APV (advanced personal vaporizer). What’s the difference? It looks like the biggest difference is that it now supports variable voltage and wattage. Welcome to …

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EHPRO DHX028 Nzonic v3 Clone Pre Order $56.00


There’s been a lot of talk going on about the new EHPRO DHX028. AKA… the Nzonic v3 clone. And, for good reason. This looks like the closest clone of the original MOD. The only problem is that not much information is known about the EHPRO DHX028 yet. I for one …

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Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit $50.10


I just saw that VaperCompany updated there sale page to include the Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit. And there current coupon code stacks on the discount. So, right now… the Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit is priced at a cool $50.10. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED! This is $10 more than the …

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Vicious Ant Cyclone With Air Flow Controller $99.70


This is definitely not a #teamcheapmod deal. But hey… we can’t always be posting clone deals now can we. =) Every now and then we can find deals on the high end vape gear. Case in point, here’s a deal on the Vicious Ant Cyclone with AFC (Air Flow Controller). …

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Vapage VMOD XL Premium Kit 50% Off! $67.17


If our most recent wallpaper didn’t make it obvious… the GOTSMOK crew hit up Vegas over the weekend. 4 days of gambling, drinking and of course vaping! And, as with any road trip… my VMOD XL was at my side. Seriously… this is the perfect “vacay” vape. 9mL of you …

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Vapage VMOD XL A La Carte Kit $69.99


Right off the bat… I gotta say… I LOVE my Vapage VMOD XL A La Carte Kit! I bought it during the last Vapage deal and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. Something about having 9 ml of juice. Or maybe it’s the 18650 battery. Or perhaps it’s the …

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Vamo v3 Starter Kit (Charger & Batteries) $53.63


Here is an awesome deal for those looking to get into variable voltage / wattage. Included in this Vamo v3 starter kit are (1) Vamo v3, (1) Nitecore Intellicharger i2 & (2) Panasonic CGR18650CH batteries! Let’s start from the beginning. The Vamo v3 is the updated / upgraded Vamo v2. …

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Innokin SVD Starter Kit $62.92


When the Innokin SVD starter kit was first released… it was priced over $100. Even today, vendors sell this very kit for $75-$80. And, that’s their “sale” price. Well if you been reading GOTSMOK for any time now you know we ain’t got no time for that! Neither does FastTech. …

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