Innokin Lift STA (Siphon Tank Adapter) $9.87

innokin lift

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with the Innokin Lift STA (Siphon Tank Adapter), so I probably don’t need to give a detailed explanation.  Basically, it’s an adapter that allows you to convert any squonk-ready RDA into an RDTA.  Interesting, right?  I don’t think it’s going to appeal …

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Coilology Coil Pack + Wick, Wire, & Mesh Sale


I’ve got a few rebuildable accessory deals for you guys to check out.  First of all, you could pick up a Coilology Prebuilt Performance Coil Kit for as low as $11.90 from an overseas vendor, or $13.49 from the US.  Each kit includes 42 prebuilt coils, organic cotton, and a …

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Coil Master Sale @101vape (New Products!)

coil master

101vape just stocked up on a handful of new Coil Master products.  You could pick up a KBAG Mini Carrying Case for $8.99, a 521 Mini Tab V2 for $14.39, or a DIY Kit Mini for $17.99.  Check out the list below for more.  Just be sure to apply coupon …

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Vapefly Coil Sale @3avape (Starting at $0.80!)

vapefly coil

If you’re still new to the rebuilding game, here’s some pre-wrapped coils that may come in handy when you’re getting started.  3avape has a handful of Vapefly Coil Packs on sale right now.  Prices start at just $0.80 for a Coil/Cotton pack, or about $3 for a set of 100x …

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Coil Father Liquid Dispenser for Squonk Mod $10.66

coil father liquid dispenser

If you thought the price of the Geekvape Flask was a bit too high, here’s another option to consider.  From what I can see, the new Coil Father Liquid Dispenser looks almost identical to the Flask…but it’s got a much lower price tag.  You can pick one up over at …

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Ceramic Tweezers 2-pack (Free Shipping) $4.42

ceramic tweezers

Maybe this isn’t the most exciting deal I’ve ever written…but I think ceramic tweezers are one of the most essential tools for rebuilding, so I wanted to share this with you guys.  I was just digging through the new arrivals over at Fasttech and noticed they were selling the 2-packs …

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Resin 810 Drip Tip 4-Pack (Free Shipping) $5.23

resin 810 drip tip

I was just digging through some of the new arrivals over at Fasttech and found a solid drip tip deal. Thought maybe a few of you guys would be interested.  They’ve got a Resin 810 Drip Tip 4-Pack available for only $5.23 with Free Worldwide Shipping.  That works out to …

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Stentorian Squonk Refill Bottle (US Vendor) $14.99

stentorian squonk refill bottle

It looks like Ecig-City has the new Stentorian Squonk Refill Bottle in stock and ready to ship.  You could bring one home today for only $14.99.  Not a bad price at all, especially when compared to the Geekvape Flask, which retails for around $30.  Bottles like these make refilling your …

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