RDA Coil Brush & Cleaning Tool $1.98

rda coil

The RDA Coil Brush & Cleaning Tool is perfect for cleaning your RDA. This tool prevents and cleans the carbon composition and grease that build up on your coils. Keep your coils lasting longer for a delicious vape with it. I don’t know about you but this RDA Coil Brush …

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Coil Master Juggernaut Coil 3-Pack (US Vendor) $1.77

coil master juggernaut coil

Yes…it’s another coil deal!  This is the 3rd one I’ve posted this week, but the good news is that this one is actually coming from a US vendor.  Vaporbeast currently has the Coil Master Juggernaut Coil 3-Pack on sale for only $1.97.  But you can save an additional 10% with …

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Geekvape Fused Clapton or Framed Staple Coils (8 Pack) $4.54+

geekvape fused clapton

Here’s a really nice deal on the new “2 in 1 Coils” (nichrome and kanthal) by Geekvape.  Fasttech currently has two different varieties available for pre-order.  The Geekvape Fused Clapton coils are selling for $5.54 and the Framed Staple Twisted Coils are just $4.54.  Each package includes a total of …

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Royal Hunter X Colored Sleeves $11.99

royal hunter x

Here’s a deal for those Royal Hunter X owners out there in the VAPE DEALS community. The city has just placed the replacement colored top cap sleeves in four different colorways: blue, green, orange & red. They have them priced at $11.99. Each of these is made with Stainless Steel and …

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Hawk Coils Coil Kit (Includes 16x Coils) $9.99

hawk coils

If you’re interested in trying out some exotic coils but don’t want to break the bank (or make them yourself), check this one out.  Efun has some really nice deals going on Hawk Coils right now.  You could pick up the full kit which includes 4 different varieties (16x coils …

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Coil Master 521 Mini Tab (US Vendor) $16.15

coil master 521 mini

LightningVapes has the Coil Master 521 Mini Tab in stock and on sale for $18.99. But, use the coupon code “LV15” at checkout and the price drops to $16.15. Not a bad deal for those out there in the VAPE DEALS community who would rather build their own coils. The …

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Coil Pops Helix Clapton Coils (4-Pack) $5.00

It’s time for another Deal of the Day over at CSvape.  They’re selling 4-packs of Coil Pops Helix Clapton Coils for only $5!  That’s almost 60% off the regular price of $12, which is already a pretty reasonable price for exotic coils like these.  In fact, I may have to order some for …

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Lightning Vapes Wick and Wire Sale (20% Off)

lightning vapes

For the next 2 days, you can get 20% off your entire wick and wire purchase over at Lightning Vapes.  No coupon code is needed—the prices have already been adjusted to reflect the discount.  Please note that other coupon codes cannot be used on the sale items.  Their regular prices …

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