Ecig Drip Tips Coupon Code 25% Off

Here is a decent deal on ecig drip tips. For a limited time… use the coupon code “tip25” at the link below and get 25% off all drip tips. There’s over 50 different styles and about 60 different color choices. So… I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone. Especially …

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Ohm Meter (IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP) $19.76


For those of you who missed out on yesterdays deal… I’ll try hooking you up again. I just found another USA vendor that has the unicorn ohm meter in stock and ready to ship. I guarantee that these will sell out again. They always do. So if you have been …

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Ceramic Drip Tips FREE!!! ($2 Shipping)


Everybody knows that I love me some drip tips. I have all types. I have more stainless steel drip tips than I can shake a stick at. I have acrylic drip tips galore. Even glass drip tips. The one thing I have yet to collect are ceramic drip tips. And …

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Ekowool 2mm Silica Wick (Hollow Or Silica Core) $3-4.40


Ekowool has been the silica wick of choice for a minute now. I personally use 2mm hollow Ekowool in most of my drippers. And, I have no complaints at all. =) Well, here’s a pretty good source on the cheap. You can pick up 2 feet of 2mm hollow wick …

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Ecig MOD Carrying Case Sale 15% Off


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a deal on a ecig mod carrying case. I think that’s because all there seems to be available are those eGo cases that you see everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong… for the price… those eGo cases do the job. But, if you …

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Ready Wire Bundles (1.2, 1.5, 1.8 & 2.2ohm) $7.59


Ok, with your first deal almost sold out… it’s time far a new ready wire bundles deal. But I can’t take full credit for this deal (thanks Alex for this deal scoop). All that being said… discount vapers just placed 50 piece ready wire bundles in stock and ready to …

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Acrylic Drip Tips (Crazy Colors & Shapes) $9-12.22


There were a lot of new acrylic drip tips that hit FT today. And if you’ve been visiting GOTSMOK for any amount of time… you know I love my drip tips. I’m especially fond of the pawn style (type 4) drip tips. Now, usually when I cop one at my …

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Trippy Tips New Batch (AD) Released! $29.95 & Up


A new batch of Trippy Tips have just hit DragonFly and I gotta say… most of them are nice, some are amazing & a few are just crazy. I’m serious. But don’t take my word for it. Head on over an check for yourself. Some of my favorites are A3, …

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