Fogger Rebuildable Atomizer (IN STOCK) $31.95


It’s great that USA vendors are starting to become competitive with China vendor prices. Take the Fogger Rebuildable Atomizer for example. When these first dropped exactly 1 month ago at Fasttech… they were priced at $40.00 and they flew out the doors! Then they came in at $10 cheaper from …

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The Russian Atomizer (Kayfun Clone) IN STOCK $103.45


The Russian Atomizer caused a lot of uproar when it was released. Especially the 91% version. And, all the talk made this one hard atomizer to purchase. Up until now. Quantum just placed a limited amount of the Russian atomizer in stock. And, use the coupon code “gotsmok10” at checkout …

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Smoktech 510 RDA Rebuildable Drip Atomizer $5.95


When VaperCompany puts items on sale… they are on sale. No doubt about it.  Case in point. The most recent items that they placed on sale is the Smoktech 510 RDA rebuildable drip atomizer. Both the silver and the black versions are on sale for $5.95. Now you might be …

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Steamboy Storm Rider 2.1 RBA Clone $20.97


You know that for the past few months… the #clonewars had it’s sights squarely set on MODs. Now, don’t get me wrong… i’m not complaining. But, I did wish that better RBAs & RDAs would be available too. Well, it looks like the first shots have been fired at the …

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Cobra Genesis Atomizer Tank Clones $9.00 Shipped!


Fasttech prices from a USA vendor. You know I gotta throw this deal out there. Ultravaping just put all 4 different Cobra Genesis Atomizer tank clones on sale for just $9.00. And, to make the deal even sweeter… FREE SHIPPING is included!  Pretty good deal on a fairly standard genesis …

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Nimbus Atomizer Clone RDA (Rebuildable Dripper) $5.23


With the Nemesis clone release today… you would think that I wouldn’t need to post anything else all day. But when a Nimbus Atomizer clone hits the web on the same day… how can I not post it? Here you go. 3 post design works with single, dual, and quad …

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Odysseus RBA Clone (Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.68


How low can these go? Seriously… the #clonewars has driven down the prices on almost everything e-cig related except for juices. When we first posted the Odysseus RBA clone… they went for a little more than $16 and that was a steal. Especially considering that it came with spare parts …

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IGO-F Rebuildable Atomizer Tank $14.95


Here is a kinda awesome price on the IGO-F rebuildable atomizer tank. I remember when these first released… they were going for $25-30. Currently… they still go for around $20ish. With that in mind… vaperco is hooking the GOTSMOK.COM community up. They just placed the IGO-F rebuildable atomizer tank on …

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