Vapesmith Castle MOD / RDA $104.00-154.99


It looks like VaporDNA just stocked the Vapesmith Castle MOD and Rebuildable Atomizer v1.5 (24K Gold Edition). First off, no clones here so this isn’t for #teamcheapmod. But hey, I know there are some BALLERS out there in the GOTSMOK community. =) You can use the coupon code “5off” on either …

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Engima RDA Atomizer Clone $7.90-8.30


Here’s a nice surprise. Fasttech just stocked the Engima RDA atomizer clone in stainless steel or brass. Both feature (2) air holes, (3) posts, laser etched logos & a brass contact. And with each purchase… you get to one step closer to joining the Freemasons. Just kidding. Or am I? …

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Stillare RDA Atomizer Clone $19.99


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the Stillare RDA atomizer clone. 101vape has just placed these in stock and ready to ship for just $19.99. Come on, you get gold plated posts/screws, air flow control & matching drip tip for just $19.99! I gotta say… it’s a nice time to …

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Smok Caterpillar RDA Atomizer (FREE SHIPPING) $12.90


There’s a pretty nice deal on the Smok Caterpillar going on over at the Bay. First off, the seller has 995 100% positive feedback so you know the deals is pretty legit. And, they were able to price it at just $12.90 with FREE SHIPPING included. The Smok Caterpillar has …

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Copper Taurus RDA Atomizer Clone $7.61


FastTech just stocked the Copper Taurus RDA atomizer clone today. And, they were able to price it at just $7.61 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all. I can see how this would look SEKSI sitting on top of something like a copper Nemesis. Keep in …

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IGO-W RDA Atomizer Clearance! $9.71


Here’s a pretty nice deal on an IGO-W RDA atomizer. VaporBeast just put them up as the deal of the day. And, get this… they priced them at just $10.79. Plus, like all VaporBeast orders… shipping is included for FREE! Now, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” or “WOWZY” …

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Black Fogger V4 RBA $30.34


All you Fogger lovers are in for a treat today. Fasttech dropped the Black Fogger V4 RBA today. They state that its made of stainless steel but they don’t really clarify how they got the matte black look onto it. With that said… it shs the same specs as before …

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Dome RBA Atomizer Clone $22.00


With its ability to rock different wick and coil configurations, adjustable airflow & variable vapor temperature control… the Dome RBA is a solid atomizer for Nemesis owners out there. But, I swear… didn’t it just release like four months ago? Well, at least Atmomixani got a solid 4 months before the …

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