Patriot RDA Version 1.2 By (Authentic) $57.99


With the original Patriot RDA deal selling out not once but twice. And, with the quickness… you know the thirst is real for this dripper. Well, 101 stepped it up a notch. They just placed the newest Patriot RDA (version 1.2) in stock and ready to ship. And, in true …

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Innovape Mods Patriot RDA Atomizer (RESTOCK) $49.99


When I first posted this deal on an authentic Patriot RDA by Innovape Mods… it sold out with the quickness. Which is no surprise since $49.99 is by far the cheapest price you’ll see on the authentic version of this awesome dripper. So now that the deal has been re-stocked… …

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UD AGA T4 Rebuildable Atomizer $32.39


Looks like DNA just got the new ud aga t4 rebuildable atomizer in stock and ready to ship. Using the 10% off coupon code “DNA10″… the ud aga t4 rebuildable atomizer drops to just $32.39. Which is already cheaper than pretty much any other vendor. Now, check out the home page on …

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Limited Edition Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $89.99


Well… look who’s vape mail came in today. Check out this Limited Edition Russian 91 RBA atomizer sitting on top of my Nemesis clone. I gotta say… this is one SEKSI rebuildable. I think I finally found the RBA that’s gonna sit on top of my legit Vaperev Nemesis. =) …

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Gold Trident RDA Clone (Blowout Price) $6.58


Talk about a blowout price! E5 just placed the gold Trident RDA clone on sale for just $6.93. Plus, you can use the coupon code “gotsmok5” to get an additional 5% off. This brings the total down to just $6.58! You have to pay for shipping. But, shipping prices are …

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Pulse G RBA Clone (RESTOCK & PRICE DROP) $10.59


It looks like there was a last minute addition to yesterdays new products list at the vendor we all love to hate. It seems like they just restocked on the Pulse G RBA clone. AND, they dropped the price by a few bucks! These sold out with the quickness at …

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Innovape Mods Patriot RDA (Authentic) $49.99


Well lookie here. I just got a heads up (thanks David) that 101vape is carrying the authentic Patriot RDA by Innovape Mods. And, it’s no surprise that their price is cheaper than any other vendor out there. So, if you wanna rock an authentic Innovape Mods Patriot but wanna cop …

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Helios RDA Clone (With Airflow Control) $7.45


Looks like the vendor we all love to hate finally stocked a Helios RDA clone with a working airflow control ring. And get this, they priced it at a mere $7.45 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Seriously… are they even making money on this? =) Looks like they have 5 …

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