Pulse G Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $10.82


Here is a kinda awesome deal on the Pulse G rebuildable atomizer clone. Considering that I paid almost $2 more over at Fasttech for the same exact RBA. And even at the Fasttech price… the Pulse G clone is a steal. At just $10.82 with FREE SHIPPING included… this deal …

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Trident v2 Rebuildable Atomizer By Grand Vapor $80


With the Grand Vapor Trident clones flooding the market these last few months. And, with how well they perform… I find it only right to support the authentic RDA as well. Especially when it’s the new Trident v2 version. And double especially when it’s as a discounted price. Triple especially …

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Ithaka Atomizer Clone (With Or Without Logo) $27.00


Here’s a petty awesome deal on the Ithaka Atomizer Clone. They seem to be the same ones that are available from Fasttech for $35. Except… they are currently 23% off and priced at just $27 with FREE SHIPPING also INCLUDED! And, the best part about this Ithaka atomizer clone deal …

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Tobeco Kayfun Lite Clone $26.70


Kayfun clones have been all the rage since the first rumors of the Russian hit the web a few months ago. And there’s a good reason for this. It’s hard to beat a Kayfun with a microcoil & cotton build. The only problem is not only the fact that the …

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Aqua Atomizer By Footoon Clone (PRE-SALE) $34.99


With the Origin MOD clone releasing just a few days ago… the questions remains. When will the Aqua Atomizer by Footoon clone drop? Well… here you go. The first pre-order for the Aqua Atomizer clone has just opened up over at C2C. Being that the Origin clone costs just $21… …

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Fogger v3 Rebuildable Atomizer $34.99


Introducing the brand new, nobody has it yet, next level type ish… Fogger v3 rebuildable atomizer. From the looks of it… it looks like a cross between the Fogger v2 & the Bliss RBAs. In other words… seksi as hell. =) Don’t be fooled by other vendors saying that they …

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Tobeco Kayfun Clone (IN STOCK, FREE SHIPPING) $60.00


The Tobeco Kayfun Clone is in stock and ready to ship free on Amazon of all places. =) Just found this deal and it seems pretty good considering that FT has sold out on these and it doesn’t seem like they will be re-stocking any time soon. And besides… this …

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Fogger v2 In Stock (USA Vendor) $26.99


Been waiting to find the Fogger v2 in stock at a USA vendor and at a good price? I got your back. The beast just put the Fogger v2 in stock and it’s ready to ship. Oh BTW: shipping is included for free! Just use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” and …

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