Efest IMR 18650 35A 2500mAh (2 pack) $17.79


The Purple Efest IMR 18650 High drain batteries are some of the most trusted batteries used by vapers world wide. With that being said, this 2 pack brings the price per battery down to $8.89 a piece which is pretty good for the 3.5 A 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries. If you’re a …

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Sony VTC4 (Button Or Flat Top) $8.00


First off, shout out to Patricia for the heads up on this deal. It looks like LightningVapes (on eBay)  just put the Sony VTC4 batteries on sale. Price is $8.00 for 1 or $15 for 2. That’s only $7.50 each if you buy 2! And, they have button or flat …

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Sony VTC5 18650 $9.99


I found a US vendor that is carrying the Sony VTC5 18650 batteries at a very nice price. $9.99 per battery is a steal for beast of a battery. The only 18650 battery I personally use and recommend to everyone looking for a 18650. Vape at sub ohm levels safely …

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MNKE IMR 26650 Battery (2 pack) $14.98


Came across this decent deal on the MNKE IMR 26650 battery while browsing through Amazon. The batteries themselves are $10.49 but they come with $4.49 shipping. Not a bad deal at less than $15 shipped for a pair of batteries. The 26650 MNKE IMR 26650 battery features a 3500 mAh …

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SONY US18650VTC4 (2 Pack) $15.84


Here’s a pretty good deal on a 2 pack of Sony US18650VTC4 batteries. A 50,000+ feedback top rated eBay seller has them on sale for just $15.84 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. And, the seller directly states that these are genuine Sony US18650VTC4 batteries. Their specs include 2100mAh capacity & …

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Efan (Vamped) 18650 IMR $4.89


Here is a pretty good deal on those new Vamped IMR batteries. I was just over at sz-worldsales and they have the Efan 18650 batteries priced at just $4.89. And, according to the description, these Efan batteries are actually Vamped vapor cells. And, looking at the specs… they seem to match …

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Purple Efest 26650 Battery $13.98


The brand new Purple Efest 26650 batteries have started to hit the Bay. And, the cheapest (legit) vendor so far has them priced at just $13.98 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. These Purple Efest 26650 batteries feature a 64A pulse and 32A continuous discharge rate. Mix in a 3500mAh capacity …

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MNKE IMR 26650 2 Pack $13.56


FastTech just stocked a pretty awesome deal on a 2 pack of MNKE IMR 26650 Batteries. Get this, they priced the 2 pack at just $13.56 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Plus, they even include a FREE plastic battery carrying case with each 2 pack. When you take into consideration …

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