US18650VTC4 (2 Pack) $17.09


If you’ve been looking for some Sony US18650VTC4 or 5 batteries lately… I’m sure you’ve noticed one of two things. First, almost every vendor is currently sold out. Or, those vendors that do have them in stock have jacked up their prices. Well, you’re in luck. Ebay vendor yfmember just …

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MXJO 18650 Battery $9.93


Theres a pretty nice deal going on for the MXJO 18650 battery over with the friends over at I get a good amount of emails a month asking what batteries to use instead of the Sony VTC5’s. Well, this is just my opinion but I’ve been using these batteries …

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AW IMR 18650 2000mAh (2 Pack) $12.71


Here’s an awesome deal on a battery with a SOLID reputation. Ebay vendor cwhmgmt09 has a BIN aution up for a 2 pack of AW IMR 18650 batteries for just $12.71 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Considering that just 1 of them usually costs $10-11 plus shipping at other vendors… …

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LG HE2 18650 Battery (1, 2 or 4 Pack) $8.25-$30.50


A nice little deal on the LG HE2 18650 battery is going down over on at the bay. You can pick up a single piece for $8.25, a two pack for $15.95 which makes it $7.97 a battery, or a four pack which would make it $7.62 per battery. Obviously the …

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Sony VTC4 (4 batteries) + Nitecore I4 Combo $52.94


I came across a pretty cool little combo deal on Sony VTC4 batteries and a Nitecore I4 going on over on the bay. Ok follow me for a second here while I do a little math. The price for a Sony VTC4 is round about $11 – $12 right? Maybe …

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Efest IMR 18650 35A 2500mAh (2 pack) $17.79


The Purple Efest IMR 18650 High drain batteries are some of the most trusted batteries used by vapers world wide. With that being said, this 2 pack brings the price per battery down to $8.89 a piece which is pretty good for the 3.5 A 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries. If you’re a …

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Sony VTC4 (Button Or Flat Top) $8.00


First off, shout out to Patricia for the heads up on this deal. It looks like LightningVapes (on eBay)  just put the Sony VTC4 batteries on sale. Price is $8.00 for 1 or $15 for 2. That’s only $7.50 each if you buy 2! And, they have button or flat …

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