Efest 30A 18650 IMR Battery $7.81


You might have heard the rumors. Well, the rumors are now a reality. The Efest 30A 18650 IMR battery have just hit the web. And, it seems like 101 is the first vendor to have them in stock and ready to ship. Better yet… use the coupon code “GOTSMOK13” and …

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Sony US18650VTC3 30A Batteries IN STOCK $11.17


Finally… the Sony US18650VTC3… has come back… to in stock status! Seriously though. These 30A 1600mAh hybrid batteries sold out with the quickness last time they were in stock. That’s right… your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you… 30A! If you sub-ohm, use a mechanical mod, heck… if you vape… …

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MNKE 18650 IMR 1500mAh Battery $7.59


I get a lot of people asking me what 18650 battery is best for mechanical mods and where to get it. Let’s make a long story short. The MNKE 18650 IMR 1500mAh battery is considered the best by many as the safest battery to use in mechanical mods. Yes, even …

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Sony us18650v3 IMR Battery 2 Pack $9.98


Here’s basically a breakdown of the current vape world. Mechanical MOD this, RBA that, sub ohm coil, sub ohm dual coil, sub ohm quad coil. See a pattern? With the recent sub ohm craze… safety is an ever present concern. A concern that can be minimized with one simple step… …

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