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Black And Gold Maraxus MOD Clone $25.19


FastTech just released the black and gold Maraxus MOD clone. And, I gotta say… I think that it’s looks pretty damn nice. First things first, it’s made of gold plated brass & black chromed stainless steel. And, it still features the floating 510 center pin, laser engraved logos & serial …

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FocalEcig Easter Sale Blowout!


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the FocalEcig Easter Sale that is going on right now. We’re talking a $10 Caravela clone, a $15 mixed Nemesis clone, .10 e-liquid bottle and much more. And, if I’m not mistaken… FREE SHIPPING is included as well! There are …

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Carrying Pouch For E-Cigarettes $.30


A carrying pouch isn’t my cup of tea. But, I see a lot of people with them¬†hanging from their belt loops at the few vape conventions I’ve been to. So, I know there’s some of you out there might find the carrying pouch attractive. One thing to keep in mind …

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Copper Taurus RDA Atomizer Clone $7.61


FastTech just stocked the Copper Taurus RDA atomizer clone today. And, they were able to price it at just $7.61 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all. I can see how this would look SEKSI sitting on top of something like a copper Nemesis. Keep in …

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Kanger EVOD Glass BDC Clearomizer $6.36


The brand new Kanger EVOD Glass BDC clearomizer has just been stocked in 8 different colors over at FastTech. And, they are priced at just $6.36 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The body is similar in design to the standard Kanger EVOD clearomizer, but the interior tank is glass. That …

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Contravene Mechanical MOD Clone $23.72


This release was kinda surprising to me. It looks like FastTech stocked the Contravene Mechanical MOD clone this morning. And, they priced it at just $23.72 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included (as always). To be honest… at first I thought to myself “why in the world would they clone a …

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Black Fogger V4 RBA $30.34


All you Fogger lovers are in for a treat today. Fasttech dropped the Black Fogger V4 RBA today. They state that its made of stainless steel but they don’t really clarify how they got the matte black look onto it. With that said… it shs the same specs as before …

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26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD Clone $34.50


Dang, I just noticed that today is unofficially the Stingray MOD clone day. =) Staying with the theme, I just found the 26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD clone in stock and ready to ship over at fairy-gift. And, get this, they priced it at just $34.50! Not a bad deal at …

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