Mechanical Mods

Limitless Mech Mod Blowout $51 | Limitless Sleeve $6.00

limitless mech mod

It looks like ecig is clearing out the rest of their Limitless Mech Mod stock.  You can pick one up for as low as $51 right now.  Prices will obviously vary depending on which material/metal you choose (see below).  But, even $91 for the platinum version is a pretty incredible …

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Dotsquonk Box Mod by Dotmod (Mech Squonker) $64.99


With a retail price of around $100, some people have argued that the Dotmod Dotsquonk is too expensive.  I can totally understand that, especially with the new wave of budget squonkers hitting the market.  But, despite the high price tag, it’s still been extremely popular.  So, I’ve been digging around, …

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AtomVapes Apocalypse $14 | Revolver Mech Kit $18.47

atomvapes apocalypse

Believe it or not, Gearbest has had some of the best deals over the holiday weekend.  The problem is, most of them have been very limited Flash Sales, so I haven’t had much time to get the word out.  Fortunately, you’ve still got about 2 days to take advantage of …

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Vandy Vape Pulse Squonker -Gray (Free Shipping) $22.99

vandy vape pulse squonker

If you’re still shopping around for an inexpensive squonker, the Vandy Vape Pulse Squonker is probably the best choice.  Impressive device considering the low price point.  If you act fast, you could pick one up over at Gearbest for only $22.99!  And, of course, that includes Worldwide Free Shipping too.  …

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Arctic Dolphin CREA Squonker $15.99

arctic dolphin crea

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to budget-friendly squonkers these days.  But, the new Arctic Dolphin CREA just might be the most affordable one yet.  You can pick one up for as low as $15.99!  It’s still only available for pre-order…but I wanted to give you guys a …

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Geekvape Karma Mechanical Mod & RDTA Kit $23.40

geekvape karma

This deal is going to be gone before you know it, so act fast if you’re interested.  The Geekvape Karma Mechanical Mod Kit is on clearance over at 3avape for only $26.  But, you’ve still got about 2 more days to take advantage of their Thanksgiving promo (coupon code “Thx10”).  …

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Hugo Vapor Squeezer Mechanical Squonker $21.99

hugo vapor squeezer

Yep, another mechanical squonker.  Is it ever going to stop! =)  Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the market obsess over a trend quite like this before.  But, it’s all for the best—squonking has never been more affordable than it is right now.  If you’re still looking for …

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CoilART Azeroth Squonker (18650/20700/21700) $47.52

coilart azeroth squonker

Another day, another squonker…right? =)  About 2 years ago, I remember saying how I wished there was just ONE affordable/authentic squonker on the market.  Now, it’s flooded with options!  Here’s another one that may be worth a look.  Fasttech has the new CoilART Azeroth Squonker on pre-sale (ETA 11/20) for $47.52 …

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