Mechanical Mods

Slug Style 18650 Box Mod $41.71


It took a while but a Slug Style 18650 Box Mod has finally made its way over to the shelves at FastTech. But the price more than makes up for the wait. They have it going for just $41.71 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad price considering the …

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Authentic Apollo Mechanical Mod (Brass) $168.00


This is far from being #TeamCheapMod… but…. To me a $42.00 savings off MSRP on an Authentic Apollo Mechanical Mod is definitely worth putting up for my GOTSMOKIANS to check out. We all know Amerivape for the Manhattan, well here is one of there other high end mechanical mods. Authentic …

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18650 SMPL Style Mod $19.17


It seems like it was just yesterday that I first posted the 18650 SMPL deal over at Focal. Hh wait a minute… it was. =) And here FastTech comes in true FastTech fashion and undercuts the rest of the vendors. FastTech just placed their own version of the 18650 SMPL …

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Sigelei 100 Watt Box (Price Drop) $89.99


Heres a in-stock deal on the Sigelei 100 Watt box out of Brooklyn!… BTW, did you guys noticed that it also hit the pages over on Fasttech this weekend? BUT… Tread lightly because the “Ships in 3 days” thing scares me. I usually wait for it to switch to ships next …

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DIY Box Mod Kit $10.00


Thanks goes out to Chris for the heads up on this deal. Check out this DIY Box Mod Kit up on the Bay. First off… it only costs $10. For your $10… you get everything you need to build your own box mod. The DIY Box Mod Kit includes: (1) …

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Munstro v2 Style Mod $24.37


Another nice mod has hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. This time, it’s the Munstro v2 Styled Mod set. It comes complete with 2 different sized aluminium tube “shirts” in 4 different colorways. (2) 18650 “shirts” in white & black. And, (2) 18650 “shirts” in brown & grey. The …

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DesireEcigs Nemesis Style Mod (w/ Free Gift) $13.99


Theres a nice little deal going on for the DesireEcigs Nemesis Style mod. Old tried and true right here, functionality and sleek design. Aside from the pesky screw on the button that I could never seem to keep from screwing out over the use of a day, this mod has …

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SMPL Styled Mechanical Mod $20.56


Shoutout to Jon for the heads up that Focal just placed the SMPL Styled Mechanical Mod in stock for just $20.56! That price even includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! From past orders, I don’t think their FREE shipping option includes a tracking number though. So, if you want one (which I …

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