Mechanical Mods

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Kit $22.41 | Pulse Panels $0.49

vandy vape pulse bf squonk kit

Yep, another Pulse deal!  If you’re looking for the mechanical version, just head over to Vaporl.  They’re selling the full Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Kit for only $22.41 right now!  Just be sure to use their Mid-Year Coupon Code (“MID10”) to get an additional 10% off the sale price.  This would be …

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Flawless Tugboat Squonk Mod (Stabilized Wood) $59.99

flawless tugboat squonk

Act fast and you could score a Flawless Tugboat Squonk Mod for half the original price.  It’s currently on sale over at Flawless Vape Shop for only $59.99!  Even better: that price lands you right in FREE shipping territory (orders over $50).  Seems like a solid deal for an American …

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Augvape Druga Squonk Kit w/ Druga 22 RDA $15.95

augvape druga squonk kit

Another killer deal on the Augvape Druga Squonk Kit.  Vaporider is selling it for only $15.95 right now!  The included Druga 22mm RDA is worth that price alone.  Could be a good option if you’re vaping on a budget, or even if you’re just looking for a backup/beater setup.  There …

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Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonk Box (Black Resin) $19.95

wotofo stentorian ram squonk

Here’s your chance to pick up a Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonk Box Mod for about 60% off the original price ($49.99).  Eightvape currently has it on sale for only $19.95!  There is one catch though: they only have the Black Resin version in stock, so supply is obviously very limited.  …

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Lost Vape Furyan Mech Squonker (Free Shipping) $52.51

lost vape furyan

Sourcemore just knocked 41% off the price of the Lost Vape Furyan mechanical squonker.  You can now pick one up for only $52.51!  Throw in Worldwide Free Shipping and I’d say that’s one helluva deal.  They have 2 colorways to choose from: Amber/Brass and Black/Brass.  Just keep in mind that …

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Augvape Druga 22 BF Kit BLOWOUT (US) $15.99

augvape druga 22 bf kit

Here’s a crazy good deal on the Augvape Druga 22 BF Kit.  Eightvape just dropped the price down to only $15.99.  That’s a mechanical squonker AND a matching RDA for 16 bucks!  The Druga 22mm RDA is worth that price alone.  No, it’s not the best squonker on the market…but …

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Mechanical Mod Polish Jig (and Atomizer Jig) $2.50

mechanical mod polish jig

Here’s a handy accessory for the mech users out there.  3avape is now selling a Mechanical Mod Polish Jig.  It’s basically just a drill attachment with a 510 pin so you can connect your mod for easy cleaning/polishing.  It even comes with an atomizer jig too.  If you’d like to get your …

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CKS Fujin 24 Mechanical Mod (Free Shipping) $52.99

If you’ve had your eye on the CKS Fujin 24 Mechanical Mod, you know that it usually has a fairly high price tag.  I had a look around and most vendors are charging $109 – $130 for this one.  Here’s your chance to pick one up for about half that.  …

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