Mechanical Mods

EHPRO DHX028 Nzonic v3 Clone Pre Order $56.00


There’s been a lot of talk going on about the new EHPRO DHX028. AKA… the Nzonic v3 clone. And, for good reason. This looks like the closest clone of the original MOD. The only problem is that not much information is known about the EHPRO DHX028 yet. I for one …

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Kamry K100 Empire Mechanical MOD Clone $23.24


Here’s an oldie but definitely a goodie. Can’t forget that FT has the Kamry K100 Empire mechanical MOD clone for just $23.24! The same MOD that most brick and mortars sell for $40-50. The same MOD that has an awesome reputation for one of the best bang for your buck …

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Eight Diagrams Mechanical MOD v3 “Yin Yang” $20.13


This was another yesterday release that was squashed due to the Chi You Clone. But, I gotta say… (in my opinion) this version of the Eight Diagrams mechanical MOD kinda looks the best. Dubbed the “Yin Yang” MOD for obvious reasons. It features stainless steel construction, air flow control & …

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Smoktech Magneto MOD (Wooliston Clone) $22.81


The Smoktech Magneto MOD is easily one of the best mechanical MODs to ever come out of China. It has been reviewed many times. And, each time… the reviewer says the magnetic switch is like butter. Cause it is! Well, with any MOD that popular… you can almost bet that …

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Chi You By Mojo (Laser Etched) Clone $27.00


When we first posted the Chi You By Mojo clone it sold out in just a few hours! And that’s with mis-spelled and off centered logos. Imagine how fast they will sell out if the logos are correct, centered and laser etched! Do I even have to say how fast …

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