Mechanical Mods

Surefire Vapors King MOD Brass Clone $25.29


Thanks for the heads up Justin! Here’s the version that most of you have been waiting for. The Surefire Vapors King MOD clone in all brass has just hit the web. And it looks like another winner. It features a solid polished brass body, silver plated pins, air flow control …

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J2P Pisces MOD Telescopic Mechanical Clone $19.00


I hope this is a new trend on Fasttech. Clones don’t need to have the original logos in order to sell. Just give us solid mods at great prices and I’m sure they will sell in bunches. Take this J2P Pisces MOD clone for example. It’s a fully mechanical telescopic …

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Vapage Premium VMOD XL Kit BOGO Sale


I just got the heads up about the Vapage Premium VMOD XL BOGO sale. Just add two of them to your cart. Then use the coupon code “JHWFR” at checkout and get one for free. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me. I personally own one of these and I …

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Surefire Vapor Queen MOD Clone $23.86


Here’s a MOD i can get with… the Surefire Vapor Queen MOD clone. For those of you who don’t know… this mod looks a lot like the Surefire Vapors King MOD. But, the one big difference being that instead of the Lion engraving… you have Lady Liberty. So… I’ll dub …

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Brass Chi You Clone Price Drop $24.35


I just got an alert some of you might have been waiting for. The FT brass Chi You clone in back in stock & with a price drop! Looks like now would be a good time to cop one if you’ve been considering it. Personally, I love my “laser etched” …

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Astro MOD By Kato Clone $24.00


The #clonewars is on again after last’s weeks brief interruption. Up next to bat… the Astro MOD by Kato. It features a stainless steel and brass telescopic body, laser etched pattern & telescopic 510 center pin (brass). And if it’s anything like the last 2 “laser etched” clone (the Chi …

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Kamry K300 MOD (IN STOCK & READY 2 SHIP) $67.45


The Kamry K300 MOD is the newest mechanical to hit the scene. And, not without it’s fair share of hype & hate right from the jump.The hype? For those of you who don’t know, the Kamry K300 MOD is a clone of the Jugganaut hybrid. And, in terms of a …

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Grand Vapor Private v2 Back In Stock $20.96


In stock. Sold out. Back in stock. Sold out. Back in stock again! One of the most popular clones on FT has been put back in stock. The Grand Vapor Private v2 with stainless steel, copper & brass! I don’t know how many more are available to purchase but if …

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