Regulated Mods

Sinuous SW 50w Mod by Wismec (US Vendor) $20.00

sinuous sw

101vape is running a clearance sale on the Wismec Sinuous SW.  You could pick up the mod for only $20, which seems like a solid deal for a 50w device with a built-in 3000mAh battery.  Looking for a full starter kit?  Those are also on sale for $10 more (includes …

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Charon TS 218W by Smoant (PRICE DROP!) $39.99

charon ts

Volcano has been dropping prices like crazy lately.  Here’s another good one that may interest some of you.  The Smoant Charon TS is now on sale for only $39.99!  That’s easily the lowest price out there right now.  Throw in FREE US shipping and I’d say that’s an impressive deal for …

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Geekvape Blade 235W Box Mod $53.90

geekvape blade

Efun has just placed the brand new Geekvape Blade 235 watt box mod on sale (as a pre-sale) for $54.90. A decent discount off the $69.99 MSRP. And, if I’m not mistaken… there is an additional discount when you log into your Efun account. Just keep in mind that this …

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Voopoo Drag 157w Box Mod (Resin) $39.99

voopoo drag

CSvape has just placed the Voopoo Drag 157 watt resin box mod on sale for just $39.99. That’s just about the same price that Gearbest had them priced at a few weeks ago. The only difference is that this will ship from a US vendor. You gotta act fast though. …

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HCigar VT250S (DNA250) Box Mod $89.99

hcigar vt250s

Our friends over at the city has just placed the HCigar VT250S on sale for just $89.99 with FREE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all considering the $169.99 MSRP. Especially when you consider that most vendors (including Chinese vendors) still have it priced over $100. HCigar VT250S DNA …

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REV Sport 101w Bundle $49.99 | Vape Pen Bundle $14.99

rev sport

Fuggin just sent word that they’ve reduced the prices of a few of their bundles.  You could pick up a REV Sport 101w Box Mod and a 120mL of Fuggin Juice for $49.99.  The Smok Vape Pen Tank bundle is also on sale for only $14.99 (also includes a 120mL …

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Tesla WYE 85W TC Box Mod $27.95

tesla wye 85w

The little brother of the WYE 200w has finally arrived!  If you’re in the market for something compact, light, and affordable, the Tesla WYE 85W is definitely worth a look.  Vaporider has it on sale for only $27.95 right now!  Take your pick from 6 different colorways: red, blue, black, …

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Digiflavor DF200 Box Mod Deal is Back! $17.99

digiflavor df200 box mod

The Digiflavor DF200 Box Mod deal is back!  If you missed out on this one the first time around, here’s another chance to pick one up at a rock bottom price.  Gearbest has both colorways (black and silver) in a Flash Sale for only $17.99!  And, of course, you’re going …

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