Regulated Mods

Provari Mini (Stainless Steel) BACK IN STOCK! $179.95


When we posted the Provari Mini on release day… they sold out in seconds. Well here you go. The first re-stock of these bad boys have just hit the web and it’s first come first serve. We don’t actually know how many more of the Provari Mini stainless steel will …

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Innokin iTaste MVP v1.0 Clearance $42.99


Here is an awesome deal on the Innokin iTaste MVP v1.0! Coming in cheaper than Fasttech, it’s in stock & ready to ship from a USA vendor! Seriously… if your in the market for an Innokin iTaste MVP… check out this deal. Just use the coupon code “GotSmok3” at checkout …

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Provari Zombie Edition IN STOCK NOW! $179.95


The Provari Zombie Edition just went live on Provape! This is an extremely limited run that won’t last so if you want in get your orders in now. This limited edition Provari Zombie edition features a green finish with red splatter. Also, it also features a special edition Zombie collectors …

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iTaste SVD MOD (Variable Voltage/Wattage) $37.21


I received quite a few e-mails this week asking about variable voltage / wattage devices. In my opinion… the stainless steel Vamo and the iTaste SVD can’t be beat for the price. Both feature solid stainless steel bodies. Both can adjust voltage & wattage. Both can even support multiple battery …

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EVOD Twist 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery $12.21


I’ve been wondering when these will hit FT. Personally, I think that the EVOD Twist 650mAh variable voltage battery looks a lot nicer than the standard eGo style battery. And the EVOD Twist sports the same features as the eGo-C Twist. It features 5 click on & off, a white …

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Polished Stainless Steel Provari APV (LIMITED) $179.95


It’s been a long time coming. Better late than never right? Finally. Provape is releasing the LIMITED polished stainless steel Provari & Provari Mini! We are not privy to any discounts or coupon codes. But, I still gotta say… this finish takes the Provari to another level. If only I …

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eGo C Twist 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery $14.27


When it was released… it was a game changing device for the vape industry. An eGo style battery with variable voltage that’s easy to use and at a low price. Kinda awesome. I’ve personally owned about 8. All of which I have PIF to starter vapers along with my Vivi …

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Lavatube v2.5 APV (Variable Voltage / Wattage) $71.99


I was wondering why Volcano was blowing out there stock on the Lavatube 2. Well, we got our answer today. Volcano just released the Lavatube v2.5 APV (advanced personal vaporizer). What’s the difference? It looks like the biggest difference is that it now supports variable voltage and wattage. Welcome to …

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