Efest Xsmart Single USB Charger $8.99


DNA has a nice deal on the Efest Xsmart Single USB Charger. The retail price is $12.99. They have it in stock and ready to ship for $9.99. And, you can use the coupon code “DNA10” at checkout and the price falls to $8.99. Plus, you get a FREE bottle …

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Nitecore Intellicharger i4 $13.00


AliciousEliquid hit me up with a nice deal on the Nitecore Intellicharger i4 battery charger. They currently have it priced at $19.99. But, use the coupon code “nitecore” at checkout and the price drops to just $13.00 + shipping charges. Now I did check out the shipping charges for me and …

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Xtar VC2 Battery Charger $19.76


Here’s a nice deal for those in the market for a new battery charger. VaporKings has the new Xtar VC2 in stock and ready to ship. They have it priced at $21.95. But, you can use the coupon code “VKBC” at checkout and the price drops to just $19.76. The Xtar VC2 …

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Charger Battery Combo (Nitecore I2 & 2 MXJO) $24.99


In the market for a new charger and maybe some new batteries? Heres a nice Charger Battery Combo deal that I came across. The deal includes a Nitecore I2 and 2 MXJO 18650 batteries. The Nitecore chargers are some of the most tried and true chargers you can ever pick …

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Nitecore UM20 Charger $13.96


FastTech has a nice price on the new Nitecore UM20 Dual Slot Battery Charger if you take advantage of their Black Friday discount. They have it in stock and ready to ship for just $15.51. But, when you use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY2014” at checkout… the price falls to just …

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Soshine H4 Digital Charger $21.99


In the market for a new charger? Heres a pretty nice deal on the Soshine H4 digital charger. This is more than 50% off the original price tag of $50 and it comes with free shipping on top. You must use coupon code “SOSHINEH4” to bring it down to this …

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IPV3 Charger 9V – 2A $7.69

For those of you that decided to pick up this item, I have gotten confirmation that it doesn’t work. Many of you have reached out to the Ebay seller and have received nothing but a headache. Fortunately, this specific auction has “Hassle Free Returns” so please go to the reference …

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Nitecore I4 Universal Battery Charger $16.79


Ahh… the good ole Nitecore I4 Universal Charger. I’m sure a lot of you either have had or still have and use this charger. This thing is tried and true and heres a nice little deal on them. Nitecore I4 Universal Charger Features: Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously Each …

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