Nitecore D4 & (2) MXJO 18650’s $28.25-$43.25


I love putting these combo deals up because the savings is usually pretty nice. With that being said… Welcome to the UBERSOLE math class. Keep up with me.. ok? First and foremost, the Nitecore D4 is on sale over on the bay for $28.25. A decent deal by itself. Now, on the same …

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Sony VTC4 (4 batteries) + Nitecore I4 Combo $52.94


I came across a pretty cool little combo deal on Sony VTC4 batteries and a Nitecore I4 going on over on the bay. Ok follow me for a second here while I do a little math. The price for a Sony VTC4 is round about $11 – $12 right? Maybe …

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Nitecore D4 Charger $26.99


As many of you may know, I’ve always been an advocate for the Nitecore charger line. Everytime I see a good deal on these chargers i wont hesitate to throw it up there for my GOTSMOKIANS. Well, VaporDNA just reduced the price of their Nitecore D4 LCD Digichargers down to $29.99. …

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Xtar MC2 Battery Charger $7.50


Here’s an awesome deal on the cost effective and efficient Xtar MC2 battery charger. 3avape has just placed these in stock and ready to ship for just $7.50 plus about $3 shipping. A pretty awesome price considering that the Xtar MC2 is basically an upgraded two channel MC1 intelligent charger …

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Xtar MC2 Intelligent USB Charger $9.99


Here’s a solid deal for those that want a really good charger at a dirt cheap price. Sun-vapers just placed the Xtar MC2 Intelligent USB Charger in stock and ready to ship. The Xtar MC2 is the upgrade to the MC1. But, it now features 2 independent charging bays (that …

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Nitecore i4 Universal Charger $10.00


I have to thank Ian for the heads up on this great deal on a Nitecore i4 Universal Charger. You can charge up to 4 batteries at the same time with its 4 individual charge slots, and, each slot monitors and charges independently. Plus, it automatically identifies the battery type/status, and …

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Efest LUC S2 Universal Charger $29.99


This looks pretty cool. VaporDNA just stocked the brand new Efest LUC S2 LCD Universal Charger for $29.99. It features a big blue LCD display screen that clearly shows the charging status of the two independent charging channels. The Efest LUC S2 can also protect batteries from reverse polarity, short …

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Nitecore D2 Battery Charger $21.68


We’ve already seen FastTech stock the Nitecore D4. Now… they stocked it’s baby brother… the Nitecore D2 Battery Charger. The D2 takes the popular Intellicharger and kicks it up a notch. It can charge 2 different batteries at the same time with it’s 2 independent charging slots. We’re talking Li-ion, …

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