Chi You Clone (Brass Or Stainless Available) $21-26.53

I woke up to about 10 e-mails all saying the same thing. Chi You Clone! I thought to myself what’s so different about this one.  I clicked the link and there it was. The Style of Mojo Chi You Clone in both brass and stainless steel. Engravings, check. Air flow control, check. Floating brass center pin, check. I mean seriously… this looks like one quality clone. I added one of each to my cart and checked out with the quickness. Now it’s your turn. Scoop up one (or a couple) for yourself. Cause at these prices… it’s almost criminal not to. =) #teamcheapmod #clonewars


  • John

    I can’t even convey how pumped i was when i seen these added yesterday on fasttech. I ended up getting the ss one and ALMOST got the brass one too but felt like i had to give the private v2 w/ copper a chance too. I’m definately going back in a week or so for that brass one!

  • ozzy

    the price went up and they are currently sold out

    • John

      Noticed that.. U can beleive im already on the ‘notify me’ list tho, haha

    • Crazy how they pump the price and still sold out.


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