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Robot XIII Style Mod $29.26


The Robot XIII Style Mod looks pretty sick doesn’t it? I’m a big fan of how the combination dark wood and brass looks on this one. Or maybe its just the fact that this is a pretty unique design that you don’t see people using on an everyday basis. Very …

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Simeiyue God 180 (5 Colors) $98.48


Following up on yesterdays post… the Simeiyue God 180 has dropped in all 5 different colors over at FastTech. Colors available are: silver, red, black, blue & gold. And each costs just $98.48 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all for what you get with this …

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SMY God 180 Watt Box Mod $94.48


I know a lot of people out there in the GOTSMOK community have been waiting for this to drop over at FastTech. And today… the SMY GOD 180 Watt Box Mod finally did. At a price of just $94.48 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. For those that don’t know… the …

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Knight Styled Mod Group Buy $18.90


The Knight Styled Mod has just hit group buy status up on FocalEcig. And get this, they priced it at just $18.90 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. That’s about $5 cheaper than FastTech’s price. And you know if your undercutting FastTech by $5 on a $20 item… you got yourself …

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Doge Styled RDA Atomizer $14.12


I’ve resisted posting about the Doge Styled RDA Atomizers just because the authentic/limited edition versions are just so damn affordable already. But… something new hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech that can’t be ignored. Not only do they have the stainless steel version. The brass and copper Doge Styled …

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Cloupor T6 100 Watt 26650 Mod $81.38


The authentic Cloupor T6 100 watt 26650 mod has just dropped over at FastTech in 4 different colorways: red, blue, silver & black. And each costs just $81.38 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad price considering all the features the Cloupor T6 has. First and foremost… its a …

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Orchid V4 Style Atomizer $12.53-$23.99


The Orchid V4 Style Atomizer has hit the pages of both Ebay and Fasttech today. Both come with free shipping so now you have to decide… Pay $12.53 and wait a month for it to come from China… or pay $23.99 and get it in a couple days from Southern …

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ZNA 30 Style Mod VW $60.44


Came across this deal on the ZNA 30 Style Mod. Shout out to Big Mikey for putting me up on this deal. It seems to come with the 18650 battery tube but don’t quote me on that. But, It does come with free shipping though which in a pretty nice …

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