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SAT22 Style RBA Atomizer $12.23


I know that there are more than a few out there in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting for this to drop. Well, your wait is over. The SAT22 Style RBA Atomizer just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech at a crazy price. Just $12.23 with FREE WORLDWIDE …

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Origen Style RDA Atomizer $8.56


With features such as a brass center pin, triple post deck, deep juice well & sliding airflow control… this Origen Style RDA Atomizer has everything you would need in an RDA. Throw in the fact that it costs just $8.56 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and your practically robbing FastTech blind. …

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26650 2six Style Mod $24.68


FastTech just stocked the copper and stainless steel versions of the 26650 2six Style Mod. The copper version is gonna set you back $24.68. While the stainless steel version $22.39. Both include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I gotta say, if your the type who prefers simple looking mods… the copper 26650 …

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2 In 1 Drip Tip And Top Cap for TOBH 29.5 mm Atty $3.28


Calling all you TOBH 26650 rebuildable dripping atomizer users! Fresh off the virtual pages off the Fasttech catalog are these 2 in 1 Drip Tip & Top Caps to it the TOBH 29.5mm atty’s. The connector diameter is 27.5mm on this 2 in 1 drip tip and top cap. The …

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Nemesis Style Mechanical Mod $11.99

Lets start this week off with an oldy but a goody, theres a group buy going on for a stainless steel Nemesis Style mechanical mod. This thing is tried and true and I bet you if you ask at least half of all vapers, they will have this mod in …

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26650 Vulcan Style RDA $16.01-17.44


FastTech just stocked 2 new colorways for the 26650 Vulcan Style RDA Atomizer which brings their total up to three now. They just added a black plated and a gold plated version in addition to the stainless steel 26650 Vulcan. And the price is nice too. The black plated version …

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Fogger V4.1 (Black) $17.48


I just noticed that the Fogger V4.1 just hit the virtual shelves over at Chinabuye and the price is not too shabby. It also says it comes with free shipping so thats always a plus. They addressed the post screw problems, reverted back to the smaller deck but kept the larger …

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26650 Brass Medusa Mod $25.81


It amazes me how much vape gear your bucks can get you now. Just a few months ago, this 26650 Brass Medusa Mod would have set you have $150-200 easily.  Now, the same 26650 Brass Medusa Mod just hit the shelves over at FastTech for just $25.81 with FREE WORLDWIDE …

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