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Changeling Style Copper Mechanical Mod $27.99


Nice little deal going on for a Changeling Style Copper Mechanical Mod. This is a pretty clean looking 1:1, the only difference I can see is the pin and insulator on the firing button. Aside from that this is still a pure copper tube wrapped with 304 stainless steel. I …

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Orchid v3 Styled RBA Tank $15.84


They just keep getting better and better. A new Orchid v3 Styled RBA Tank just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. This one costs $15.84 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, it features a quad pole deck, 4 wick channels, 2 air holes, a brass 510 center pin & …

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FocalEcig October Vapecation Sale


First off, shoutout to Ian for the heads up on this deal. The FocalEcig October Vapecation Sale is on and popping. Were talking discounted prices on some of the most popular items on the market today. They have drippers, mods & even accessories on sale. I’m personally digging that ecig …

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26650 Hades Style Mechanical Mod $19.90


I came across this nice little deal on a 26650 Hades Style mechanical mod. I’m pretty sure this is the cheapest I’ve seen a quality version of this mod. To put it into perspective, Fasttech has this mod at anywhere from $23 for the black version up to $29.99 for the …

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Coil Winding Jig (For DIYers) $4.02


A new version of the coil winding jig has just hit the shelves over at FastTech. This time it costs $4.02 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. They are made out of aluminium and are available in 7 different colorways: black, blue, green, grey, orange, red & silver. Plus, this coil …

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4Nine Style Mod V2 (Brass Switch) $13.99


I know a lot of you know DesireECigs for their insane group buys, well they just put up a 4Nine Style Mod V2 with a brass switch for a pretty nice price. If you’ve never tried a hybrid type mechanical mod then do yourself a favor and get on it. …

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Plume Veil Style RDA $9.00


The people at Fasttech must have seen that I post a deal for the Plume Veil Style RDA at one of their competitors for a cheaper price because they just dropped the price on theirs to 9 bucks flat. (I don’t really think fasttech checks out our site but its …

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Zipper Pouch (Fits 26650 Sized Mods) $2.73


With the popularity of 26650 mods now-a-days, it seemed appropriate to post a new multi spandex zipper pouch that hit the shelves. Keep your pockets clear and hang your mod from your belt loop. I cant stress how much I love things like this. Ever since I picked up my first …

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