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26650 Panzer Mod Clone $42.50


This one is pretty cool release. FastTech just stocked the 26650 Panzer Mod Clone in two different colorways: black & rainbow. Which in itself is kinda nice. But, that’s not it. Each mod also comes with additional spacers that allow you to also use your existing 18650, 18500 & 18350 …

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Dragon Boat Festival Sale @ FocalEcig


I just got a heads up on the Dragon Boat Festival Sale going on over at FocalEcig. So, of course I’m gonna put it out there for the GOTSMOK community. They got a bunch of items on sale. Dare I say it… maybe something for everyone. Were talking Omega RDAs …

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Acrylic Mod Display Stand (2 Pack) $8.96


I haven’t posted a acrylic mod display stand deal for a minute. But, this one is kinda nice. FastTech just stocked this acrylic mod stand in a 2 pack for $8.96 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. I’m thinking of picking up a set. Put one on my night stand and …

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Crown RDA Dripper Clone $14.82


The Crown RDA Dripper Clone just hit the shelves over at FastTech. And, in true FastTech fashion… they priced it well below all other vendor’s prices. Price is just $14.82 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The Crown RDA features air flow control, triple post deck and CNC engravings. Currently, only …

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Copper Stingray Mechanical Mod Clone $25.91


Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. FastTech just stocked a brand new Copper Stingray Mechanical Mod Clone for just $25.91 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Now I know what your saying to yourself, what’s new about this one? Well check out it. First off, …

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Engima Style RDA Atomizer Clone $8.73


The Engima Style RDA Atomizer Clone just hit the shelves over at FastTech in three different colors. They stocked the stainless steel version for $8.07. They also stocked the PVD coated version for just $8.73. And last but not least… they also stocked the gold plated version for $8.29. And, …

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Raijin Mechanical Mod Clone $21.50


FastTech just stocked a new Raijin Mechanical Mod Clone. This time, the stainless, gold plated & brass version hit the shelves at $20.50 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. I’ll admit it, I kinda like it. It has a sort of Japanese cartoon feel to it. Plus, the triple colorway is …

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Senio Hybrid RDA Atomizer $8.20


This one is pretty cool. FastTech just stocked the Senio Hybrid RDA Atomizer at just $8.20 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The cool thing about this RDA is that it screws directly onto your mod. Thereby eliminating the 510 connector and it’s associated voltage drop. To make it simple, it …

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