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CopperEX Style Mod $16.53


Just in time to take advantage of the brand new 5% off coupon code. FastTech just stocked a CopperEX Style Mod. Price is just $16.53 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING after you use the coupon code “XMAS14” at checkout. The CopperEX Style Mod features a recessed 510 connection, copper contacts, adjustable …

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FastTech Holiday Sale 5% Off Sitewide


The FastTech Holiday Sale is in full swing over on their virtual shopping shelves.This is non-stackable with other offers and expires on 11/29/2014. Its not very often that they throw out coupon code because for the most past their prices are already dirt cheap so jump on this while you …

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Mephisto v2 Style RDA By Ivogo $14.40


I don’t know if it’s just their photos., but the new Ivogo Mephisto v2 Style RDA that Angelcigs just placed in stock looks pretty nice. First off, it only costs $14.40 which is always pretty nice. =) For the price, this Mephisto v2 Style RDA features PEEK insulators, silver plated …

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Slug Style Wood Mechanical Mod $33.62


A new version of the Slug Style Wood Mech Mod has hit the pages of Fasttech and to me it looks pretty like a pretty solid 1:1. Also, its 8 bucks cheaper than the previous version. Slug Style Wood Mechanical Mod stats: brass top and bottom cap, copper battery tube …

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FUhattan Style Mechanical Mod $20.37


Ok… It’s official… I’ve seen it all… A clone, of a clone. I guess what goes around comes around right? Either way #TeamCheapMod wins! The Fuhattan Style Mechanical Mod is a 1:1 of the infamous middle finger baring “shiny metal tube.” It features a floating 510 center pin, copper contacts & …

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Le Petit Gros Style Mod $12.70


A Le Petit Gros Style Mod has just hit the virtual shelves over at FasTech in two different colorways: stainless steel or copper. Both can be had with or without a Hobo style RDA atomizer as well. The stainless steel version goes for just $12.70. To cop the copper/brass version… …

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Air Flow Control Drip Tips $2.44


FastTech just stocked some nice logo-less Air Flow Control Drip Tips at a price that’s hard to beat. Cost is just $2.44 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. They also have the option to buy all 8 colorways for one price… $15.53. Colors available are: black, blue, fuchsia, gold, green, …

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Mutation X V2 Style RBA $11.51


Well that didn’t take long did it? China hit the market first thing this week with a Mutation X V2 Style RBA. I realize that the legit version doesn’t come with the wide drip tip but it is a nice little touch. I’ll be the first to admit that the top …

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