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Engraved King Mechanical MOD Clone $39.05


Fasttech just stocked something pretty interesting today. In true FastTech fashion… they just stocked the Engraved King Mechanical MOD Clone before anyone else has. Plus, they were able to stock it in both stainless steel and brass. And, both versions ship “next day” with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a …

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Innokin Itaste Ucan v2.0


I saw someone using the Innokin Itaste Ucan the other day and I thought to myself… “why haven’t I gotten one of those yet?” I’ve always wanted one of these dripper cans. Especially to fill up my genesis style atty on the go. Its made of stainless steel and is …

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Kanger Mini Protank Clearomizer $3.99


Here’s a decent deal for those looking to pick up the Kanger Mini Protank clearomizer on the cheap. Focal just put these on sale. Price is just $3.99 with FREE SHIPPING included! Not a bad deal at all considering that the vendor states that this is a Kanger branded Mini …

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Fogger v4 Rebuildable RDA Atomizer $32.34


The Fogger v4 rebuildable RDA atomizer just dropped over at Fasttech. Price is just $32.34 with FREE SHIPPING included. The only problem is that it gonna take 7 days for it to ship out. And, it will take probably a few more weeks until you actually get it in your …

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Aktion Ceramic Tip Heat Resistant Tweezers $11.11


FastTech just placed these Aktion ceramic tip heat resistant tweezers in stock. And, at just $11.11… this is an awesome buy for those that like to build microcoils. So, how the heck can you use heat resistant tweezers when making a microcoil? Basically… after you wrap your microcoil and mount …

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Gaia RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer $12.79


FastTech stocked the Gaia RDA rebuildable atomizer today and I gotta say… I like it. I like it A LOT! It features stainless steel posts, 2 air holes, dual air flow control, dual heatsink design & deep juice well. And, that’s not even mentioning the nice looking drip tip that …

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Glass 510 Drip Tips (5 Colorways To Choose From) $3.38


Calling all drip tip junkies. FastTech just placed 5 new glass 510 drip tips in stock. And, get this… they cost just $3.38 each. Or, you can buy all 5 in a pack for $14.67. And, as always… FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is included. Personally, I’m kinda liking the blue/orange/white colorway …

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Venus Mechanical MOD $25.13


What would happen if the Panzer and the Maraxus got together and made a baby? You get the Venus mechanical MOD of course. =) Seriously though, doesn’t the Venus mechanical MOD look a lot like it has the Panzer middle section matched with a more simpler Maraxus end caps? I …

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