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Embossed King MOD Clone $22.53


When I first posted the Embossed King MOD clone about a month ago… a lot of people said it was nice but too expensive at $39.05. Well, it looks like FastTech listened to everyone who complained. Because, they just stocked the Embossed King MOD clone at a price of just …

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Glass Drip Tips (3 Different Styles) $3.97


FastTech put up 3 different glass drip tips yesterday for just $3.97 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, I gotta say… they look pretty nice. But, then again… I’m a drip tip junkie so what do I know? =) Seriously though, I have seen glass drip tips like these …

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Stillare RDA Atomizer Clone $8.96


Another dripper dropped today over at FastTech. They just stocked the Stillare RDA atomizer clone for just $8.96 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Again, an RDA with a triple post deck, adjustable air flow and brass center pin all for less than $9 shipped! How can you beat that deal? …

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FocalEcig Labor Day Sale


I just got the heads up on the FocalEcig Labor Day Sale going on from May 1st to May 3rd (HKT). We’re talking a copper Nemesis clone for $20.90, K101 for $9.90, Vamo v5 for $26.50 and many more items. It’s definitely worth the time to go check it out …

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Quasar RDA Clone (Stainless Steel Or Two Tone) $8.37


FastTech is bringing the dripper heat today. First they dropped the Cats Atomizer Clone. Next up to bat… the Quasar RDA Clone! And get this. Not only did they stock the stainless steel & two tone versions of the Quasar RDA Clone. They priced both of them for just $8.37 …

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Cats Atomizer Clone (Dripper) $9.54


Dang. I just posted the first Cats deal yesterday. And here we are one day later and FastTech already stocked the Cats atomizer clone! What’s even more crazy is the fact that they priced the Cats atomizer clone under $10 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Keep in mind that it’s …

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Limited Edition Drip Tip Clone $2.06


I mean… I like high end gear as much as the next guy. But a limited edition drip tip that costs 35 euros… that’s just crazy. That’s almost $50! Well, i guess FastTech thought that a $50 limited edition drip tip was pretty crazy as well. So, they released the …

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26650 Black Copper Stingray Clone $26.42


You knew that it was gonna happen. In fact… it was only a matter of time. FastTech just stocked the 26650 Black Copper Stingray Clone. Price is $26.42 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! Not a bad deal at all considering that the cheapest I’ve seen these go for was $34.50. …

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