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Gold Plated Omega RDA Atomizer Clone $6.97


Seriously… I don’t know how they even make any money selling a gold plated Omega RDA atomizer clone for just $6.97 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. But hey, dont’ get me wrong… I’m not complaining. The vendor we all love to hate just stocked these gold plated omega clones. And, …

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Hybrid 510 Drip Tips $5.06


If you’ve been reading GOTSMOK for a while… you know I’m a drip tip junky. I love me some drip tips. Especially when they are different and stand out. That’s why I gotta throw this out there. The vendor we all love to hate just stocked some hybrid 510 drip …

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Anodized Aluminum Nemesis MOD Clone $14.88-16.06


You knew that with this weeks Nemesis tube releases that the complete anodized aluminum Nemesis MOD clone would drop sooner rather than later. I just didn’t think sooner meant by Friday. =) The vendor we all love to hate just stocked the anodized aluminum Nemesis in black, orange and red (18650) …

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Copper Nemesis MOD Clone $24.90


All I have to say is WOW… just wow. The vendor we all love to hate just stocked the copper Nemesis MOD clone. And get this. They priced it at just $24.90 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. That’s more than 50% cheaper than the cheapest price that we’ve seen so …

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Replacement Tank For Kayfun 3.1 / Lite $1.18


I gotta throw this one out there. I added the replacement tank for Kayfun (in smoke) just because I think it would match my BLACKOUT nemesis theme quite nicely. =) And besides, at just $1.18… I thought that it would be a good idea to have a few of these …

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Blackout Nemesis (Aluminium Tube Set) $9.59


We asked for it, and it didn’t take long for FT to deliver. Following up yesterday’s deal on the blue, purple & red tube sets, they just placed the BLACKOUT Nemesis aluminium tube set in stock! Nothing like waking up to good news. =) Needless to say, the Blackout Nemesis  will …

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Kanger Protank 3 Blowout Deal Restocked $9.90


It looks like e5 just restocked their Kanger Protank 3 blowout deal. Just to remind you what the deal is. Head on over to e5 and add the Protank 3 to your cart. Then… use the coupon code “gotsmok5” and the price drops down to just $9.90! Seriously… $9.90 is …

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Tesla M1 Mechanical Mod (Copper Or Brass) $19.49


Seriously… where can you get a solid copper mod for less than $20 shipped? The only option I know of if the just stocked Tesla M1 mechanical mod at the vendor we all love to hate. The Tesla M1 features an all copper or brass body, reverse threaded locking ring …

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