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Coil Father 8 in 1 Kit (48 Pieces) $4.99

Looking for a good deal on some pre-built coils?  Well, here ya go.  You can pick up the Coil Father 8 in 1 Kit (48 Pieces) over at 3fvape for only $4.99.  That’s about a dime per coil!  Hard to argue with a price like that.  Could be a good option for some of the new builders out there…or even the lazy ones like myself =)  They also have a 33-piece kit available for the same price.  That one includes 4 of each coil (rather than 6), but they’re also throwing in a Coil Cleaning Brush.  As always, keep in mind that shipping is FREE if you spend $15 or more.

*If you don’t want to wait for overseas shipping, Fuggin has a pretty decent option available.  They’re selling the Doctor Coil 36-piece Kit for only $6.87.  Check out the link below.

Coil Father 8 in 1 Kit

  • Mix Twisted Coil 0.45Ω
  • Clapton Coil 0.85Ω
  • Quad Coil 0.36Ω
  • Alien Clapton Coil 0.45Ω
  • Fused Clapton Coil 0.45Ω
  • Tiger Coil 0.36Ω
  • Hive Coil 0.50Ω
  • Flat Twisted Coil 0.36Ω

48-Piece Kit (6 of each coil) @3fvape


33-Piece Kit (4 of each coil) @3fvape


Doctor Coil 36-Piece Kit @Fuggin



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