coil father x9

Coil Father X9 Vape Tools Case (Free Shipping) $4.61

Here’s a convenient little accessory that I just found over at Fasttech.  I was already thinking about picking up a Coil Master DIY Mini Kit…but, I hesitated because I already have all the tools.  I just want the case! =)  Well, here it is.  The Coil Father X9 Case looks almost identical to the one Coil Master is using.  You can pick one up for only $4.61 with Worldwide Free Shipping!  Hard to argue with that.  They also have a larger, double-side case available for about $3 more.  Check out the links below.

$4.61 Coil Father X9 Vape Tools Case


$7.83 Coil Father Double-Sided Carrying Case



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