CSVape Summer Kickoff Sale

I’ll try to make this deal short and sweet. I just noticed that CSVape has just went live with their summer kickoff sale. All you have to do is use the coupon code “SUMMER17” at checkout and you’ll save 30% off your entire purchase! You gotta act with the quickness though. The CSVape summer kickoff sale ends tomorrow on 6/26/17.

Use Coupon Code: SUMMER17



  1. Hi Joe. I’m totally with you there, that’s really annoying. It really isn’t the case here though. CSvape always has really high regular prices, they didn’t jack them up just to account for this sale. They actually had a few nice deals available too, but there probably wasn’t something for everyone. We just like to put the word out whenever there’s a new coupon code available. Speaking of which, you can now use coupon code “CSV4TH” to save 40% site-wide. Check out their RDA section: Goon V1.5 for only $42…not bad at all. Hope that helps!

    *Also, CSvape is a US vendor—they ship extremely fast too (about 2-3 days).

    • Erika-Michael Reynolds

      He is talking about Cvapor which is chinese vendor CSvape is American and the only thing i ever bought from them was the deal of they day laisimo v1 25 bucks 2 of em and juice on sale free shipping

  2. Erika-Michael Reynolds

    I always price compare as many places as i can just because it’s on sale don’t mean it’s a good deal n u r right specially wit 30% off site wide sales the one that gets me is great deals so you add a few things to cart rdas wire cotton whatever nada heavy or bulky and then you see they charge 3 or 4 times what other guy charge for shipping i don’t buy at that point even if it’s a buck or two cheaper


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