driptech-ds style

Driptech-DS Style Mechanical Squonker $18.99

Another clone deal!  Wow, I’m really asking for it this week, aren’t I? =)  But, I thought it was worth mentioning that 3fvape just did a price drop on the Driptech-DS Style Mechanical Squonker.  It’s currently on sale for $19.99, plus you can use coupon code “2017Xmas” to save an additional 5% ($18.99 total).  And that includes FREE shipping too.  They have 5 colorways in stock: black, purple, green, red, and blue.  Interested in the triple-battery version?  Check out the deal I posted the other day ($22.79).

Morris65 – if you’re out there, I’m wondering if yours arrived yet?  If so, I’d love to hear what you think of it so far.  Thanks!

Use Coupon Code: 2017Xmas (expires 1/1/18)

$18.99 Driptech-DS Style Mechanical Squonker


$23.74 Driptech-DS Style Kit w/ RDA


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