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E-Cigarette Vapor Shown To Repress Immune System

So I site I frequent quite often just posted a new article entitled “E-Cigarette Vapor Shown To Repress Immune System“. The article states “Our findings suggest that e-cigarettes are not neutral in terms of the effects on the lungs.” Even though nothing is burned with the use of e-cigarettes “there are still a number of free radicals introduced into the body”. They go on to say… “Granted, it’s 100 times lower than cigarette smoke, but it’s still a high number of free radicals that can potentially damage cells.” And of course they end the article with “in 2013, it was reported that more teenagers had tried e-cigarettes than had tried traditional cigarettes, which makes it incredibly important to know what the real risks to these kids will be”.

Listen, I don’t think anyone is naive to think that using a vape is 100% safe. If you want to be 100% safe… breath air. But if your smoker that wants to quit or at the very least smoke something that has 100 times lower free radicals… then vape. E-cigarettes is not a safe solution. But it is a safer solution. A solution that is aimed at people who want to quit smoking. Or at least be a little more safe while doing it. It’s not aimed towards teenages or kids. Can it be really that simple? What’s your take?

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  1. I’m certain that as far as health is concerned it would be best to not vape at all, but without vaping I could never have quit smoking. No matter how committed I was to quitting, I just couldn’t do it on my own. I do have plans to quit vaping eventually, but I plan on doing very slowly. My next step is going from 6mg to 3mgs of nicotine, and then to zero, and hopefully without the nicotine I’ll lose interest in vaping altogether.

    • That’s a very doable goal Cosmia. I’ve personally done it a few times. But with all the companies sending me free samples… Its kinda hard not to try them out. LOL.

  2. PG vapor actually cleans the air. It can completely eliminate pneumonia, staph, and strep strains, as well has a form of the flu virus. Here’s the abstract from the US national Library of Medicine.

  3. I was a pack to pack and a half a day smoker for nearly 20 years. Without the help of vaping I would still be on those horrid things. I’m two plus years tobacco free now. I am sure vaping isn’t great for me, but it beats the heck out of smoking. That’s not to mention the tons of money I could be saving if there wasn’t so much cool cape gear coming out almost every day.



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