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VVPOR Memorial Day Sale (50% Off)


It’s not very often that I post about this vendor. But, when I do, it’s always a crazy discount and I always get great feedback from the GOTSMOK community. So, the VVPOR Memorial Day Sale isn’t any different. Just use the coupon code “Gotsmok50” at checkout and get 50% off …

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Crystal Canyon Vapes Memorial Day Sale


Here’s another heads up. I just got the details for the Crystal Canyon Vapes Memorial Day Sale going on right now. Just use the coupon code “mday20” at checkout and save 20% off of your e-liquid purchase! Not a bad way to try out a new juice vendor at a …

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Halo Cigs Memorial Day Sale (10% Off)


First off, thanks goes out to Capt Donna for the heads up on this deal. With that said, it looks like the Halo Cigs Memorial Day Sale is on and popping. Just use the coupon code “REMEMBER” to save an additional 10% OFF EVERYTHING on the site. Plus get double Halo …

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Eluminati E-juice Pack (5 Bottles) $50.39


This is a pretty good deal. VaporDNA has a Eluminati E-Juice Pack (with (5) 15mL bottles) on sale for $55.99. Not, if you use the coupon code “DNA10″… the price falls to just $50.39. Plus, shipping is thrown in for FREE. And, every order get a FREE bottle of MP …

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HatTrickVapor Weekend Sale (30% Off)


Here’s the heads up on the HatTrickVapor Weekend Sale going on right now. All you have to do is use the coupon code “GS30” at checkout and save 30% off your e-liquid purchases. The discount code is not valid on HTV gear. It is valid now through 05/19/14 at 11pm …

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Standard Vape FUES (Newest Flavor) $19.80


Here’s a heads up for all The Standard Vape E-liquid junkies out there. It looks like they just released a new flavor called “Standard Vape FUES”. And in true Standard fashion… their description is somewhat vague. They describe the Standard Vape FUES as “a mystery dessert flavor”. That’s pretty much it. …

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True Leaf Vapor E-juice Pack (4 Bottles) $39.99


OK, I have to admit something. Ever since I started vaping… I realized that I don’t like the taste of tobacco cigarettes. Seriously, why would anyone wanna vape tobacco when you can vape caramel macchiato? =) But, I realized that not everyone is like me. And, having smoked for so long… …

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AlternateCig Start Your Summer Early Sale


Here’s another e-juice deal for all you liquid junkies. Introducing the AlternateCig Start Your Summer Sale. Every e-liquid flavor is on sale. Plus, they have a new flavor too. Get this… the price is just $1.99 for a 10mL bottle! And, if you want a bigger bottle… you can also …

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