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Numskullz E-liquid 60mL (2x 30mL Bottles) $4.47

If you’re a fan of candy flavors, then you’ll definitely want to jump on this deal fast.  Vaporbeast has the 60mL Numskullz E-liquid Combo Pack on sale for only $4.97.  But you can drop the price down to $4.47 if you use coupon code “YEAHBABY” at checkout.  Each package includes …

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Breazy Pre-Valentine’s E-liquid Sale


Here’s a nice deal to check out if you’re in the market for a Vday gift for those vapers in your life. Breazy has put a few brands on sale for 30% off if you use the coupon code “VDAY” at checkout. You just gotta wait a little to use …

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Big Cheap Bottle E-liquid Sale (100mL) $18.97

big cheap bottle e-liquid

If you’d like to pick up some big bottles of e-liquid on the cheap…then you might want to check out Big Cheap Bottle E-liquid.  Makes sense, right?  =)  Fuggin currently has all 4 flavors on sale for $18.97 each (100mL bottles).  Have a look at the flavor profiles below—some of …

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Taffy Man E-liquid 30mL (0 Nicotine Only) $1.77-$2.67

taffy man e-liquid

This one is obviously only going to appeal to the non-nicotine vapers out there, but it’s a great deal so I wanted to mention it.  Vaporbeast has 3 flavors of Taffy Man E-liquid on sale right now.  You could pick up a 30mL of B1G APL for $1.77 when you …

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TheSauceLA eJuice Best Sellers Sale $9.99


Here’s your chance to try out the three best sellers at TheSauceLA at a great price point. They have their best seller 3x30mL unicorn pack (90mL total) for $14.99. But, use the coupon code “VapeDotDeals” at checkout and the price drops to $9.99. Not a bad deal in my book. …

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Breazy Huge E-liquid Bottle Sale (30% Off)


Here’s a good deal for those looking to pick up some juice. More specifically… a huge bottle of juice. Breazy has more than a few brands on sale. Just use the coupon code “HUGE” at checkout and you’ll save 30% off! Just don’t wait too long. The deal starts on …

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101vape February Juice Sale (25% Off)


I just got the details on the February Juice Sale that just went live over at 101vape. Act quick and stock up on your all day vape at a 25% discount. Just use the coupon code “FEB25” at checkout to get the discount. And, while this discount starts now and …

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I Love Taffy 60mL Bottle $6.97

i love taffy

I Love… Cookies? No. I Love Donuts? Not Quite. I Love Taffy! That’s it! I Love Taffy has tangy, juicy peaches and stringy, sticky taffy blended together into one delicious peach taffy combination. It is the third iteration in the “I Love” line, and it is sweet! You can’t go …

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