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MyFreedomSmokes 20% Off All E-liquid


MyFreedomSmokes is currently offering a 20% discount on all e-liquids when you use coupon code “20LIQUIDS” at checkout.  That code expires Monday (10/24) at midnight Eastern, so you’ve got just under a week to take advantage of this one.  They just stocked up on some juices from Dinner Lady, Hit …

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Breazy E-liquid Sale (40% Off 24 HRS Only)

breazy e-liquid

There’s another GREAT e-liquid deal going on over at Breazy. For today only… use the coupon code “BUNDLEUP” at checkout and you’ll save 40% off select e-liquid brands listed down below. Fryd E Liquid $11.39 for 30ml – w/ coupon code Drip House E Liquid $14.99 for 60ml – w/ …

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Crispy Treats New Flavor (Green Apple) $15.50

crispy treats

It looks like there’s a new Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors flavor in addition to the two previous flavor profiles (Original & Strawberry)… Green Apple. And, Vaporider has all three of them in stock, ready to ship & on sale for $15.50 per 60mL bottle. Not a bad deal considering …

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Overstock Sale on Premium Juice @Fuggin


Fuggin just hit me up with a decent deal. They have an overstock on a whole bunch of Premium eLiquids. And they placed them all on one page as an overstock sale. Click the link down below and check it out for yourself. They are offering OVER 30% off when …

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Vape Breakfast Classics Bundle $39.99

vape breakfast

Vaporider has a decent bundle on Vape Breakfast Classics e-liquid. The original MSRP on each bottle is $17.50. Purchase two bottles for $29.99 ($15.00 each). Or, purchase three bottles for $39.99 ($13.33 each). Vape Breakfast Classics Flavors: Mr. Blintz (60mL): Mr Blintz is a cream filed crepe, rolled up and topped …

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Jam E-liquid Bundle (180mL Total) $39.99


Here’s a nice bundle deal for fans of Jam E-liquid out there in the vape deals community. Or if your looking for a good strawberry, grape or raspberry juice. Pick up a bottle of each flavor for just $39.99. That’s a $35 discount off the combined $75.00 MSRP! I don’t …

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Breazy Coupon Code (30% Off Juice)


I just got the heads up on a new coupon code good for juice purchases over at Breazy. Use the coupon code “BREAZY30” at checkout and you’ll save 30% off you juice purchases. There’s good news and bad news though. The good news is that the coupon code never expires. …

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Mad Hatter Juice Sale @Vaporider

Some of the newest flavors from Mad Hatter Juice are on sale this week over at Vaporider.  You could pick up a 60mL bottle of I Love Popcorn for $14.95, a 120mL of 120 Cream Pop for $24.95, or a 180mL of Juice Box (by Mad Hatter Juice & One Hit Wonder) …

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