E Liquid

The Standard E Liquid $20.90


If you’ve tried The Standard E Liquid before… you know it’s nice. Problem is… each bottle usually costs $22 and most of the time… it’s hard to find the nic content or flavor you want. Well, I just noticed that Altsmoke has just put up a full stock run on …

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High Desert Vapes Coupon For 50% OFF E-Liquids!


Just got the heads up that the High Desert Vapes coupon code for 50% off is on a popping again. Just use the coupon code “FIFTYOFF” to get your discount. Because of the big discount… there will be a massive amount of orders so kindly allow 5 business days for …

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Potion Vape Flash Sale: 20% Off E-Liquids For 24 Hours


I just got the heads up about the Potion Vape flash sale. For the next 24 hours… use the coupon code “TAKE20” at checkout and get 20% off your e-liquid purchases. Take advantage of this deal! Those of you who follow my Instagram account @gotsmok¬†know that I just got some …

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Big Bang E Cigs Bomb Sauce 5 Pack $32.99


ATTENTION E-JUICE JUNKIES! I was just over at Big Bang E Cigs checking out there “Bomb Sauce” e-liquid line and I gotta say… CRAZY. With names like Alien Piss, Crunk Monk & Pimp Juice… I gotta say… it might be worth a try. Just so I can say… “Hey, wanna …

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Mt Baker Vapor Labor Day Sale 15% Off Sitewide!


Details of the Mt Baker Vapor Labor Day Sale have just dropped. Just use the coupon code “laborday15” at checkout and get 15% off your entire purchase. And any purchase over $50 also gets free shipping. Offer is valid TODAY ONLY (09/02/13). Is if you want in on the discount… …

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Strick Nyne Blends Labor Day Sale 50% Off E-liquids!


Just got the 411 on the Strick Nyne Blends Labor Day Sale. Just use the coupon code “MegaDeal” at checkout and get 50% OFF your e-liquid purchases! You read that right… half off the regular prices! Offer is valid now through 09/07/13. Please all 3-4 days for processing due to …

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Virgin Vapor Labor Day Sale 20% OFF!


You know it’s a big sale weekend when Virgin Vapor offers a coupon code. Seriously… I don’t remember the last time they offered a discount on there e-liquid. So if your a Virgin Vapor junkie (like me) jump on this with the quickness. Just use the coupon code “LABOR13” and …

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Halo E Cig Labor Daze Sale (20% OFF E-Liquid)


This is what we’ve all been waiting for… the labor day sales! Well, the first deal to come out of the gate is brought to you by Halo E Cig. Just use the coupon code “LABORDAZE” at checkout and get 20% off of your e-liquid purchases. And, if your purchase …

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