Ecig-City Pod System Bundles Sale!

Here’s a handful of deals that would be perfect for anyone who’s just getting started.  Ecig-City has put together 4 different pod bundles at a pretty nice discount.  Check out the list below.  There’s 2 closed pod systems bundled with pre-filled pods, as well as 2 refillable/open pod systems bundled with salt nic e-liquid (your flavor/brand of choice).  Prices start at just $8 (use coupon code “VIPHDWR10”)!  Stop by and check it out.  And, if you own any of these devices, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.  Shipping is FREE when you spend $50 or more.

Use Coupon Code: VIPHDWR10

Ecig-City Pod System Bundles Sale

$8.00 Hangsen IQ + Pre-Filled Juice Pods


$18.00 Hangsen IQ LEVEL + Pre-Filled Juice Pods


$25.20 Kado Stealth + Any 30mL Salt Nic Juice


$45.00 Hangsen iQ 3SECS + Any 30mL Salt Nic Juice


  • jjva

    i got the kado kit from vaporider and they sell it for $22.49

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for the heads up, jjva! The deal above also includes a 30mL of juice, which is why it costs a bit more.


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