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efest 26650

Efest 26650 4200mAh Battery (Green) $4.75

26650 deals can be hard to come by, so I thought this one was worth mentioning.  101vape recently moved the Efest 26650 4200mAh Batteries over to their clearance section.  The new low price is $5, but you can always use coupon code “101VAPE” to get an additional 5% off your order.  That works out to just $4.75 each!  Not bad considering most vendors are charging around $10 for these.  They’ve got some impressive battery charger deals going right now too, like the Efest LUC Blu6 and Blu4 for $14.25 – $19.  Check out the link below.

101vape offers FREE shipping on US orders over $75.

Efest 26650 Specs

  • Length: 65.11 mm
  • Diameter: 26.22mm
  • Style: Flat Top
  • Max Capacity: 4200mAh
  • Max Discharging Current: 20A (Mooch: 23A)
  • Resistance 13±2 Ω
  • Temperature Range: -20~+60 ºC

Use Coupon Code: 101VAPE

$4.75 Efest 26650 4200mAh Batteries


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Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement