efest pro c1

Efest Pro C1 Smart Charger (Transparent Purple) $5.00

Here’s another accessory deal from our friends over at Ecig.  They recently dropped the price of the Efest Pro C1 Smart Charger down to $5!  The only colorway available is transparent purple, which definitely gives it a unique look.  If you primarily use multi-battery devices, this one obviously isn’t going to cut it.  But it would be a great option for all the single-battery users, or for those looking for something compact to travel with.  Shipping is FREE when you spend $40 or more.

Efest Pro C1 Features/Specs

  • Transparent Purple Color
  • LED Indicator
  • Fast Charging Mode: 1.0A
  • Single Bay
  • Auto-detect Charging Function
    • Automatically Detects Battery Power Status and Selects the Appropriate Voltage
  • Over-charging, Reverse Polarity, and Short Circuit Protection



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