efun top coils

Efun Top Coils – 8 Styles / 48 Pieces Total $6.29

The new Efun Top Coils are now available over at…well, Efun, obviously =)  And just like pretty much everything else on their site, these are extremely affordable.  The 48-piece combo pack is selling for only $6.29!  Hard to argue with that.  Each pack includes 8 different coil varieties, including Fused Claptons, Aliens, as well as several others.  Check out the full list below.  I’m curious to see how well these perform; at this price, it just might be worth giving them a try.

Efun Top Coils (Kit Includes 6x of Each):

  • Mix Twisted Coil: 0.45Ω
  • Hive Coil: 0.5Ω
  • Tiger Coil: 0.36Ω
  • Clapton Coil: 0.36Ω
  • Quad Coil: 0.36Ω
  • Fused Clapton Coil: 0.45Ω
  • Alien Clapton Coil: 0.45Ω
  • Flat Twisted Coil: 0.36Ω


One comment

  1. George Brennan

    So Efun.Top is now officially a vapor product manufacturer, interesting.
    Looks like a great deal…in the cart.


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