Evolv Kick Clone By Smoktech (IN STOCK) $13.49

We were the first to drop this deal 3 days ago. The Evolv Kick clone by Smoktech for just $13.49! And they sold out 100 units in less than a day! Um… I think some people might be looking for an Evolv Kick clone on the cheap. =) Well, here’s your second chance at the deal. Madvapes just put another 55 units in stock and they have already sold almost half of them in just a few hours! Act fast cause this deal will be sold out in no time! Variable wattage + Microcoil = REBUILDABLE AWESOMENESS! Just saying!

Use Coupon Code: vortex



    Sold them out again! WOW!


    Back in stock and this time I think they learned there lesson… 270+ available. =)


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