Fogger RBA (Taifun GT Clone) $30.00

A week ago, when we posted about the Taifun GT clone on FT… we got a lot of feedback saying hell yeah but not at that price. Then a few days later VaporTek dropped the Fogger RBA price down to $35 and sold out even before we could post the deal. Well here you go. Vaporcigzz has dropped the price even lower on the Fogger RBA and you can bet that this will sell out with the quickness. This is definitely the new “IT” RBA that everyone wants to try out. Why not be one of the first and let us know whats up? =)


  • Rogue007

    Just received my Taifun GT clone the “Fogger” and it actually works great….but, the very bottom base is rusting. There is only a few threads where the polycarbonate tank screws where juice makes contact with base, I’m going to let it sit for a bit more…. Looks like I might have to scrap the ‘Fogger’ if it is really rust. Thought these were supposed to be 100% Stainless Steel?

    • They shouldn’t rust… especially on a brand new one. Did you contact vaporcigzz to see what they can do for you?

  • Rogue007

    I feel so embarrassed, it wasn’t rust at all. It was some kind of sticky glue. It scraped right off and works great!

    • Lol… happens to the best of us. Glad it worked out. =)


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