Fogger v3 Rebuildable Atomizer $34.99

Introducing the brand new, nobody has it yet, next level type ish… Fogger v3 rebuildable atomizer. From the looks of it… it looks like a cross between the Fogger v2 & the Bliss RBAs. In other words… seksi as hell. =) Don’t be fooled by other vendors saying that they are shipping out the Fogger v3. They are all currently shipping the Fogger v2. This is the first pre-sale that I have seen for the new model. I say pre-sale… but they are expected in stock by Monday next week. So the wait won’t be that long. Enjoy!


  • pastubbs

    WTH I just got my Fogger v2 3 days ago. I knew I should have gotten a kayfun lite.

    • pastubbs

      Its vivi nova all over again.

  • BallZDeeP

    anyone order this?

  • Juice

    No but I have an original kayfun and a Russian and with this built right it compares to them. Not quite in flavor but def. TH and vapor production. GLASS IS FRAGILE THOUGH !! I’ve broken 2 of them already


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