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freeman nic salt

Freeman Nic Salt + Pod System Bundle $39.95

Here’s your chance to try out the new Freeman Nic Salt line at a great price.  They’re bundling 3x 30mL bottles AND a Smoant S8 Pod System…and they’re selling it for only $39.95!  That’s about half what these items would cost if you purchased them separately ($78.92).  And just to sweeten the deal: shipping is FREE!  There are 5 different flavors to choose from: Buena Vista, RY4, Tobacco Menthol, Top Brass, and Vanilla Cream.  You can check out the flavor profiles down below.  This offer might not be around for long, so stop by before it’s too late.

Freeman Nic Salt

  • BUENA VISTA: Vanilla and caramel mixed together and touched lightly with classic tobacco hints
  • RY4: Warm chocolatey caramel complementing the full-flavored tobacco
  • TOBACCO MENTHOL: A full-bodied flavor that perfectly balances the warmth of tobacco with the chill of menthol
  • TOP BRASS: Creamy, sweet peanut butter with a hint of tobacco
  • VANILLA CREAM: Sweet vanilla filing with a crusty dough hint, adding just a pinch of sugar on top


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement