Freemax Starre Pure CCC Coils

FreeMax Starre Pure CCC Coils (5-pack) $9.49

First of all, I realize this deal is really only going to appeal to those of you who already own the tank.  That being said, this is about half the price most vendors are charging for the FreeMax Starre Pure CCC Coils, so I’m hoping a few of you will benefit.  3fvape is selling the 5-packs for only $9.49.  I’m not entirely convinced this will be their regular price going forward—3fvape does tend to fluctuate their prices.  Stock up while you can.

But if you don’t already own the FreeMax Starre Pure Tank, you could pick one up for only $19.89.  I think that’s the best deal out there right now, especially when you factor in FREE shipping (orders $15+).

$9.49 Freemax Starre Pure CCC Coils (5-pack)


$19.89 FreeMax Starre Pure Tank



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