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Fuggin Vapor Veteran’s Day and Pre-Black Friday Sale

Fuggin Vapor has some great deals available in their 2 new holiday promos.  If you’re a Fuggin Fan, now might be a good time to stock up.  There’s a lot to cover here, so bear with me…or just skip to the summary at the bottom =)

During their Veteran’s Day Sale, you can get 50% off individual 120mL bottles from their G.I. Juice line…or you could try all 5x flavors for only $50.

They also have a few bundles available for their Pre-Black Friday Sale.  You can get 3x 120mL bottles of Fuggin Juice and a Bang Starter Kit for $38…or 5x 120mL bottles, Juice Off, and a Bang Starter Kit for $38.

For all of these offers, be sure to apply the appropriate coupon code as noted below.

Fuggin Vapor Holiday Sales

  • Veteran’s Day
    • 50% Off G.I. Juice
      • Use Coupon Code: VET50
    • 5x 120mL of G.I. Juice for $50
      • Use Coupon Code: GI5
  • Pre-Black Friday
    • 3x 120mL + Bang Kit for $38
      • Use Coupon Code: PREBLACK3
    • 5x 120mL + Bang Kit + Juice Off for $57.50
      • Use Coupon Code: PREBLACK5



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