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Gearbest E-cig Spring Clearance

It looks like the Gearbest E-cig Spring Clearance has went live. It looks like they have a little bit of everything available. From my quick look I saw mods, tanks, chargers, starter kits & accessories on sale. They all have a decent discount applied. But, I don’t see anything that’s dirt cheap. I say just head on over and check out the Gearbest E-cig Spring Clearance for yourself. If you’re in the market for something… it just might be had at a decent discount. #justsaying


  • Jack Thomas

    You’re right, nothing to blow doors like some of their flash sales, but did you see this?: Very interesting with clamps instead of terminals, but there’s no chamber/chimney on it. so how does it keep from flooding? It’s cheap enough I’m tempted… Oh, and the black Avocado at $17 and change isn’t bad.

    • Jeremy

      +Jack Thomas I saw that too and thought it was really unusual. I’m pretty sure it’s not an RTA (as they claim) but actually an RDA. If so, dripping will probably be difficult with that anti-spitback honeycomb cap. It reminds me of the Pharaoh but without the super deep juice well.


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