geekvape wire shots

Geekvape Wire Shots (10 Pack) $1.00

Here’s a killer deal on some pre-made wire.  You can pick up a 10-pack of Geekvape Wire Shots over at 3avape for only $1 right now!  We’re talking a dime per coil here…hard to argue with that.  Even if you like to make your own wire, these are always good to have on hand for those lazy days.  They have 3 different styles available: Ni80 Clapton, Parallel, and Twisted.  I’ll list all the specs for you down below.

While you’re there, be sure to check out their Christmas 2017 Sale (12% off $50+ with coupon code “3AXmas12”).

Geekvape Wire Shots Specs

  • Ni80
    • 26AWG Ni80/32AWG KA1
    • Resistance: 2.71Ω/ft
  • Parallel
    • 28AWG*2 KA1/32AWG KA1
    • Resistance: 2.74Ω/ft
  • Twisted
    • 28AWG*2 KA1/32AWG KA1
    • Resistance: 3.35Ω/ft



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