Grand Vapor M16 (Limited Edition Sentinel) Clone $23.74

You know it’s been a crazy week for mechanical releases when the MOD you bought on Monday is already out-did by a MOD pre-releasing on Thursday! But what can you do… except ride the wave. First came the Sentinel clones¬†that are available in both a kit and MOD only. Then came the Private 2 clones. The only logical step would be the Grand Vapor M16 clone right? I mean… it is the limited edition sentinel. But this is crazy! Pre-orders for the actual Grand Vapor M16 haven’t even been completed yet and the clone is already releasing. And at less than $24! Chalk one up for #teamcheapmod.

Use Coupon Code: gotsmok5


  • Jay

    Does this come branded with the Grand Vapor decal and design on the button?


      I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Best bet is to ask the vendor.

  • Dustan

    Looks pretty dangerous to me. Do not think I will buy a mod that does not have air holes unless I can find a good spot to drill them out.


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